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MGT605 Assignment 1 Brief.docx Page 1 of 4 ASSESSMENT BRIEFSubject Code and TitleMGT605 Business Capstone ProjectAssessmentAssignment 1 – Project Proposal/PlanIndividual/GroupIndividualLength1500 wordsSubject Learning OutcomesSLO a. Develop and articulate a theoretical or practicalperspective on management issues through a substantialapplied projectSLO b. Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership inthe preparation of a significant original body of practical ortheoretical workSLO c. Use specialist research skills to analyse a complexmanagement problem and then synthesise the research,communicating it effectively to both specialist and layaudiencesSubmissionBy 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Friday of Week 3Weighting20%Total Marks20 Context:This subject allows the student to synthesise the knowledge and skills gained from all othersubjects studied up to that point. The main deliverable in the subject is a major project. Inthis first assessment, the project is proposed.Instructions:In this assessment, you are required to propose how you are going to study in the capstoneproject. Before you can do that, you first need to identify a project idea on which to developyour project proposal . Your project proposal must include the pain statement or problemstatement.The capstone project proposal serves two basic functions. Firstly, it presents and explainshow you are going to study and analyse the issue of your capstone project. This is essentialto make clear what you aim to achieve by the end of this study period, what data you willcollect and analyse and what MBA subject theory applies to your project.MGT605 Assignment 1 Brief.docx Page 2 of 4Secondly, how you will conduct the capstone project. This is an account of the steps you willtake until you produce the final report. This includes a timeline. The timeline will help youtrack your progress.With this information, your facilitator will be able to guide you concerning the suitability andfeasibility of your capstone project.Formulating a project ideaAs mentioned above, before you can develop your capstone project proposal, you need toidentify a problem or opportunity. Please refer to the “Broad Business Capstone ProjectIdeas.pdf” file for help with identifying project ideas. You can find the “Broad BusinessCapstone Project Ideas.pdf” in the learning portal.Structure of the project proposalInclude all relevant content expected in a project proposal.Cover page – provide a cover page with identification information including, your name, thesubject and code, the capstone project title, date, word count, etc.Introduction or Context – background information including a description of the country,the industry, the organisation (case unit) and the problem or opportunity (the issue(s)).Discuss the circumstances through which the problem or opportunity has arisen.Aim/purpose of project – the specific aim of the capstone project is to identify the problemor opportunity and to summarise what your project intends to achieve.Method – identify the proposed sources of information or data. Also consider how yourknowledge from your post graduate program will apply in your project. Ensure that theproject is feasible within the available time. Also describe the relevance and significance ofyour capstone project.Conclusion – a brief statement about what the project is all about, its suitability andfeasibility.Indicative timeframe – itemise what you will cover in each week.Word countThe 1500 words word count includes the Context down to the Conclusion. There is notolerance on the word count. You are not expected to exceed 1500 words and penalties mayapply for exceeding the word count.Here is a suggested (non-prescriptive) allocation of word count.MGT605 Assignment 1 Brief.docx Page 3 of 4Context and Aim statement – 300 wordsMethod – 1050 wordsConclusion – 150 wordsNB: You may use dot points to present the main points of your proposal.ReferencesYour capstone project proposal must use and list at least six (6) references to theoreticalliterature sources. Identify specific data sources that you will collect data from andreference them. You may have up to ten (10) references to data sources.Special conditionsIf the project involves an industry partner, a letter of support from the partner is required inan appendix.If your capstone project involves research on human subjects (e.g. collection of primary datathrough surveys), it is the student’s responsibility to obtain HREC approval for it through theHuman Research Ethics Committee (HREC).Except otherwise approved by the Facilitator, you may not collect and use any form ofprimary data for the purpose of this capstone project.It is expected, that your capstone project is an original submission (your own work). Yourproject must not be a repackaged assessment from another subject you have done before.SubmissionSubmit a written capstone project proposal that uses an academic style of writing includingreferences and the recommended structure (above). Please refer to the Academic Integritypolicy and the Assessment policy for more information.Use Assessment 1 link in Blackboard to submit your capstone project proposal. Give your filea name of this format – Your name_Subject and code_Assessment number – beforesubmission.MGT605 Assignment 1 Brief.docx Page 4 of 4Learning Rubric Assessment AttributesFail (Unacceptable)Pass(Functional)Credit(Proficient)Distinction(Advanced)High Distinction(Exceptional)Knowledge andunderstanding (technicaland theoreticalknowledge)Understands theoreticalmodels and concepts10 marksLimited understanding ofrequired concepts andknowledgeKey components of theassignment are notaddressed.Knowledge orunderstanding of the fieldor discipline.Resembles a recall orsummary of key ideas.Often confuses assertion ofpersonal opinion withinformation substantiatedby evidence from theresearch/course materials.Thorough knowledge orunderstanding of the fieldor discipline/s. Supportspersonal opinion andinformation substantiatedby evidence from theresearch/course materials.Highly developedunderstanding of the fieldor discipline/s.Discriminates betweenassertion of personalopinion and informationsubstantiated by robustevidence from theresearch/course materialsand extended reading.Well demonstratedcapacity to explain relevantconcepts.A sophisticatedunderstanding of the fieldor discipline/s.Uses informationsubstantiated by robustevidence from theresearch/course materialsand extended reading.Mastery of concepts andapplication to newsituations/furtherlearning.Effective CommunicationWell structured report withclear flow of ideas10 marksDifficult to understand foraudience, no logical/clearstructure, poor flow ofideas, argument lackssupporting evidence.Audience cannot follow theline of reasoning.Information, argumentsand evidence arepresented in a way that isnot always clear andlogical.Line of reasoning is oftendifficult to follow.Information, argumentsand evidence are wellpresented, mostly clearflow of ideas andarguments.Line of reasoning is easy tofollow.Information, argumentsand evidence are very wellpresented; thepresentation is logical,clear and well supportedby evidence.Expertly presented; thepresentation is logical,persuasive, and wellsupported by evidence,demonstrating a clear flowof ideas and arguments.Engages and sustainsaudience’s interest in thetopic.


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