NRS212 Indigenous Australian Cultures – Health and Nursing-cultural competence in


In this assessment you are required to reflect on your learning, development and growth in Indigenous Australian cultural competence and express how this new knowledge will impact your own nursing practice.


You need to watch Cassie’s story (Dyan Ngal) and complete all modules of this subject to adequately complete this assessment. This task requires you to critically reflect on your learning using the social, cultural and ethical lens of a Nurse, in relation to content that has been covered in the modules related to this assessment.

You are required to write a reflective piece, drawing on your reflections throughout the course to this point by using the ‘The 4Rs Model of Reflective Thinking’ and address these points within each section:

Reporting: Identify and describe one legislative act (either state or federal) that has historically impacted the health and well-being of Indigenous Australian peoples. You must use examples in Cassie’s Story to assist with answering this point, in addition to other sources.

Relating: Identify a personal or professional experience (something you have seen, experienced, heard about, or read about) and explain how this links to the aspect identified in Reporting.

Reasoning: Knowing this history, and the connection you have made in Reporting and Relating, what are the aspects of cultural competence that can help you to improve the healthcare experience of your patients/clients to incorporate culturally safe practises? 

Reconstructing: What learning opportunities can you identify that will help you to improve your own cultural competence in your practice as a nurse?

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