NUR272 Palliative Care|Discharge

Part One: Clinical Assessment What is the likely trajectory of Aleki’s illness? You can use a diagram to illustrate. Explain the 5-year life expectancy of someone with Stage IV exocrine pancreatic cancer. Consider your approach to the assessment of Aleki’s pain. What type of pain/s does he describe? What elements of his pain should you assess? What assessment tool/s might be helpful to assess his pain experience? Social assessment: identify three key issues in Aleki and Donna’s social world that are influencing their experience. How could you explore these with them? Part Two: Care Managementa Who might the members of the multidisciplinary team be for Aleki and his family during his hospitalisation? Explain how their roles address the care needs identified during assessment. Discuss the management of Aleki’s pain. Explain what pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies might be effective. A family conference is held. Explain how a discussion of goals of care could inform Aleki’s discharge and care at home. (
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