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les intents ssions ‘a My MediaDue Sunday by 11:59pmPoints 100 Submitting a file upload0 Online AssignmentPrompt:Available May 11 at 12arri – Jun 26 at 11:59pm about 2 monthsFor this assignment, you will write a narrative which identifies the title of your project, the purpose of the project, the target population that the project focuses upon; and the validation need or needs assessment. See posted rubric and posted APA formatted template.Instructions: Read posted rubric. 2. Use the posted APA template. 3. Save file as last name Module 3 Assignment 1.Files:Rubric: Rubric for Module 3 Assi nrnbercuoe Project Narrative.docx • File 2: APA, 6th edition Template for Module 3 Assignment 1: Project Narrative: APAFormat 7th editionTem ate for Module 3 Aszarnent.rtfProject Plan Project description Project described clearly What is it’s general purpose? How long do you th kik it Will take to snow significant benefits? Wtiat are major [‘urn le5 to twerco me? Presentation Criteria 20.0 pts Full Marks0.0 pts No Marks20,0 Ms


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