Patients experiences in Australian Hospitals


Brief task description: 

This piece of assessment will enable you to reflect on your own personal ideas of caring as well as professional concepts of caring in nursing and importance in providing patient care.

Rationale for assessment task: 

On commencement of your nursing education, it is essential that you consider the role of caring as the basis for providing fundamental nursing care. Understanding caring from a professional context will enable you to develop the skills and behaviours considered crucial in providing quality, evidence-based, and patient-centred care. Reflection is an important aspect of nursing practice and being self-aware and understanding and applying new information are core skills in the profession.

Task detail:

To help with writing your reflection you should.

Access the following document “Evidence Check: Patients experiences in Australian hospitals” (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2015)

Reflection Framework 

You will be using a framework by Borton (1970) using 3 key stages; describing the situation, exploring the situation, and learning how to apply knowledge to practice. You are provided with prompting questions which will guide your reflection.

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