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LiveWebT X Chat XPayme X Grownmin XMail – safStudent E XI Moodle X 2020_SC_I X Crowdma X C I English (en)14, Ask SAVY (BETA) 0 Safaa KamelThe exam will consist of two parts: Part A (True/False questions and Multiple-choice questions) and Part B (short answer questions on Crowdmark).Exam A will be administered on eClass (the link is available in the section called “Course Tests”). It will contain about 16 True/False questions and about 12 multiple-choice questions. The answers must be submitted by 3:20 p.m.Exam B will be administered using Crowdmark. It will consist of about 8 problems to solve. You can start Exam B only after you submit answers to Exam A. The Crowdmark questions will be released at 3:00 p.m., that is, 20 minutes before the end of Exam A. You will be required to upload solutions to Crowdmark by 5:20 p.m. The additional 20 minutes should be more than sufficient to upload 8 questions. Please upload your solutions to each question separately (question by question). Please prepare 8 pages of paper, with your name (first and last) and student number written on top of the page well before the test starts. Only legible writing (easy to read) will be marked. Please provide complete solution without skipping any important steps.I will not accept any excuses if you encounter difficulties with Crowdmark because you used it for two sample tests, test 1B and test 2B.If you encountered difficulties when using Crowdamrk for test 2B, please visit Crowdmark’s website ( and sign in with your York University email address ( If necessary, change the password.• Lectures 23 and 24: Zoom VideoJump to…You are logged in as Safaa Kamel (Log out) 2020 SC PHYS S1 1421 3 A EN A LECT 01 Get the mobile appPermalinkTdest 2A: Re-graded ►Course Syllabus ►


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