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6/28/2021 CPCCCM2010B: 10 CPCCCM2010B Final Assessment submission PRACTICAL 1/2Dashboard – My units – Units – CPCCCM2010B – Final Assessments – 10 CPCCCM2010B Final Assessment submission PRACTICALCPCCCM2010B_Work safely at heightsCPCCCM2010B Final Assessment submission Practical.docx 16 June 2021, 9:16 AM10 CPCCCM2010B Final Assessment submission PRACTICALContext of AssessmentThis is an individual assessment.This assessment tool is from a part of a number of assessments that will be undertaken for this unit of study.The submission of this assessment tool is required for the assessment of the knowledge component of this unit.The time frame and deadlines for this assessment will be given to you by your trainer no later than the first day of study for this unit.Your assessor could be the same or different person to your trainerInstructionsAll questions must be answered correctly to achieve a satisfactory result.The assessment of this program of study is based on competency-based principles.S = SatisfactoryNS = Not SatisfactoryAssessments must be submitted online before midnight on the due date – the SUBMIT button will be switched off after this time. Please contactus before the due date if you need an extension.Submission status Attempt numberThis is attempt 1 ( 3 attempts allowed ).SubmissionstatusNo attemptGrading statusNot gradedLast modified–SubmissioncommentsShow comments Comments (0)  Add submissionYou have not made a submission yet. 10 CPCCCM2010B Final Assess… Jump to… 6 CPCCCM2010B Workplace- …  ABN: 52 607 452 657 | RTO PROVIDER: 41310 | CRICOS CODE: 03556F Trinity Institute 6/28/2021 CPCCCM2010B: 10 CPCCCM2010B Final Assessment submission PRACTICAL 2/2Get the mobile app P: 02 8897 4212 [email protected]Trinity Institute All rights reserved Trinity Institute 


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