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Assessment Tasksimagine you are working in a children’s service and your co-ordinator has advised you that a child with additional needs will be attending full time as of next week. Select one of the children described in the following Case Studies and complete all questions lot this child for both Task I and Task 2. Use the following service philosophy to provide the context for the case studies: The service philosophy We believe it is important to provide an environment that supports each child to reach his/her potential. We will achieve this by ensuring children feel secure and cared for, and by providing stimulating exPeriertces within the ‘zone of proximal development’ of each child, We mil work together with families to ensure that we are supporting them in their childrearing role. We will show respect for families at all times_ Our service will reflect the diversity of our community and we will focus on enhancing links between the service and the community. We aim to assist families to develop good citizenship skills in their children. These skills include tolerance, social and communication skills, and a willingness to try new things.


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