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1500words(only do part 1) topic:TEST OF CAPM 6 references, Harvard 1.Only do part 1. 2.Using Eviews to analyse the data. 3.The cited literature requires the three that are mentioned in the requirements. 4.Explain the theories and models being tested. 5.State clearly and explain the null and alternative hypotheses. 6.Explain and summarise your data, e.g. what industry portfolio you are using, how many months, means, median, standard deviation, etc. 7.Estimate regressions and present the findings, create your own tables, do not use screenshots for tables. 8.Interpret the findings relating back to the hypotheses and theories. 9.Perform diagnostic tests to evaluate goodness of fit of your regressions, and perform analysis of residuals: 10.Explain the possible bias and demonstrate how this potential bias could be corrected. 11.Compare the results before and after the adjustment. Any other data, tests, or information that you feel are interesting and relevant to the empirical tests.


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