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3:45 ,,(2, 40, 0There is no particular format required for the proposal, other than that it must be submitted as a single document file.Suggested file types for the submission:• Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) • OpenOffice Text (.odt)The essential things are:1.. It should be clear what the subject area is. 2. It should be clear what you intend to do; the more specific and detailed you are the better.Sections you should include:• Project Title • Your MSc Project title (Module Code and Title) • You name and Student ID Number • Aim of the project • Research question/ hypothesis • Objectives • Short description of your idea • Specify how you plan to conduct your researchIt is also important that you cite the source of any background material that you have used or which would be helpful to us in understanding your proposal.Do not copy and paste material from any book, journal, website or any other source you have referred to, simply cite that source.You have been provided with a template for guidance, please see page 21, Appendix A of MSc Project Handbook .


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