BBMM506 Strategic Management|Competencies

Students will receive a case study for analysis, one week before the midterm exam. During this period, students are required to conduct background research about the industry mentioned in the case study. Students need to conduct a strategic analysis of theclientfirm’s industry and company. The exam will contain essay typequestions. It is a CLOSED BOOK exam. During the exam, students are not allowed toview their study slides/notes,use search engines or other computer applications other than Moodle and a word-processor.In the week prior to the midterm, students need to research and conduct analyses on:1.The key business environment factors (PESTLE) that have a significant impact on the industry (factors with less impact need not be mentioned).2.Determine whether the industry is attractive or not, considering the threats of new entrants, the level of rivalry among existing competitors, the bargaining power of buyers, the threat of substitutes and the bargaining power of suppliers(Porter’s Five Forces Analysis)3.Research the strategic capabilities and core competencies of the client company and evaluate these by determining whether they are valuable, rare, inimitable (difficult to imitate) and if the client is organized to exploit these resources.4.Summarize the above findings into a TOWS matrix(threats, opportunities, relevant strengths and weaknesses, discussing any insights arrived from the analysis. 5.Based on their TOWS analysis, students should explore whether any of Porter’s generic strategies can apply to the situation. Students should be ready to give sufficient examples of these chosen strategies in the context of the case study
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