BSBWHS516 Contribute to Developing Implementing and Maintaining an Organisations

1.Why are there Commonwealth WHS legislation and separate state/territory WHS/OHS legislation and who does Commonwealth WHS legislation apply to? 2.Research your state/territory WHS legislation and provide a brief overview of two aspects of this – present your answer as a short essay of approximately 200-400 words for each aspect, stating your source of reference. 3.What five key elements under the WHSMS certification standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 do many organisations use to construct their WHSMS? 4.From your own thinking, explain why it is important for line management and supervisors to demonstrate commitment and leadership in WHS and development and implementation. (Max. 50 words) 5.Identify one policy, procedure, or process in place within your organisation and outline how you comply with this, considering the specific action you take. 6.Under WHS/OHS legislation, name four aspects of WHS that should be documented and included in recordkeeping and two requirements for WHS consultation with employees in the workplace? 7.What is the main legislation that governs privacy in documentation and recordkeeping, and what does this protect against? 8.What other legal requirement do you have with recordkeeping? 9.Under WHS, who has the primary duty of care and who are the duty holders with roles and responsibilities according to work health and safety law? 10.Communication and consultation is a key factor in the success of a WHSMS. Identify one way in which your organisation facilitates this during the development, implementation or review of a WHSMS. 11.Identify two scenarios in which WHS training is required. 12.List the four key steps to a risk assessment. 13.Outline the hierarchy of risk controls and explain how this is used. 14.Identify one source of information which can be used to determine the key requirements of a WHSMS. 15.Suggest three different resources which might be required to implement a WHSMS within given timeframes. 16.Make a list of three potential roles and/or responsibilities of managers in the implementation of a WHSMS.
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