BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness

1.1Outline and explain a process you could use to ensure that issues, concerns and problems that members of your team have raised or identified are recognised and addressed. 1.2How would you ensure your own contribution to your work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation’s image for all stakeholders? 1.3Define and explain strategies for gaining consensus in a team environment. 1.4Outline the steps you would take for corrective action to resolve a problem. List the key components you think the corrective action plan should include. 1.5Think of the various group dynamics that can exist in a team environment. Explain how you think group dynamics can either support or hinder the effective performance of a team. 1.6 Explain how you would communicate information/issues/concerns/problems to the following stakeholders: line managers higher management subordinates other department heads/staff
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