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Title Page: Student name, number, Module Code and Name, Course Name, Assessment 1 – Dissertation Proposal (Draft / Final)Dissertation Title: The title should clearly explain what the dissertation is aboutIntroduction: Brief introduction as to what the dissertation is all aboutBackground: This section should focus on the background to your dissertation as to how it came about and what you intend to do. Why do you want to research this area? Give your rationale or your reasons for undertaking this study. In this section summarise current literature in your proposed area of research to determine the relevance and value of your research.Aim: What are you hoping to achieve?Research Questions: There should be an overall research question based on your aim. This should have 3 sub-research questions which you will be researching in order to answer your main research question. Focus on what you will do to meet the overall question. You should give a brief account for each question as to: the subject area to be researched, what you are hoping to achieve, how it contributes to the overall research question and give the most appropriate research methods for achieving them.Deliverables: What will you produce as a result of doing the research, for example, a dissertation report; a solution; a framework; software; etc.Indicative Reading List: This should be a listing of the work you have read to help you determine your research questions – this should be not less than fifteen references, properly referenced using the Harvard Referencing Method (aim for 15 to 20 valid sources).Evaluation: How you will evaluate the results of your research. Dissertation Plan: This should be a detailed schedule of how you plan to carry out your research within the time available. It is expected that it will change, but it needs to be carefully thought through and presented – two sentences are not likely to be adequate. A Gantt chart or other project planning tools may be more appropriate,  showing start and finish dates with all the interim activities and the milestones. You will see this document evolve through the process, and may end up with several versions. Please include these as an appendix to the Dissertation. Hardware/Software needed: It may be that this is PC and regular office Software, but should you require anything unusual, do put it down.Supervisor (if known):Client – External contact (external to the School): If there is then do not contact them until ethical approval has been granted, ALL dissertations require an external agreement form to be filled in (see Ethical Approval form in the Ethical Considerations Folder 7ET023 MSc Dissertation INFORMATICS on CANVAS)Ethical Approval Form Completed: This must be completed for all dissertations and discussed with your supervisor and a soft copy forwarded to the Module Leader. See Ethical Approval form and procedure on CANVAS


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