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10:49 AM a * . . 1 .1 ‘7: .’ CE- Narrated PowerPointbut the background literature review that led you to your research question.Guidelines for Narrated Presentation Template.Outlined below is a template for constructing the narrated presentation which must not exceed 20 minutes in length. Indicated against each section is allocation of marks for the element and guide for number of slides. It is recommended not to deviate too far from the suggested number of slides for each element of the presentation. Allocation of marks will be linked to ARU generic marking standards for level 7Narrated presentation (80%) 1500 Abstract (20%) Max words Introduction Introduction Introduce the topic 2 slides to the audience • Why is This section should be no LO 1 this more than 2- research needed 3 sentences that introduces This section the topics is worth 5%. and the need for the research.Summative Assessment•


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