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ilia. me [email protected] 6i30/2021 11:35 PMFrom me is [email protected] To•his short learning module is going to take you through how you can develop a structure for your essay. This will help you to keep your ideas in line and ensure you have a start — a middle and an ending. And not forgetting to add your references at the end of your assignment. In order to keep yourself on track ready for submission make sure you plan your time effectively. Find yourself a timetable. a blank piece of paper and plan what days. what hours or when you have peace and quiet to concentrate on your work. Think about where you may be able to do your work if working at home is difficult. Here is the question we would like you to answer.Partnership and collaborative working can positively affect the health of the individual through a person centred approach to care. However, the wider determinants of health can impact on the individual’s health and well-being.Using the scenario, discuss and apply your knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of collaborative care, partnership working and the wider determinants of health.3000 words In order to pass this written assessment you will need to answer the following three learning outcomes. Over the following pages I will guide you with some ideas and some basic structure which will enable you to address these teaming outcomes and therefore completes the assessment. Leaming outcome 10 basically means you have to write 3000 words. not 4000 4500 8000 but 3000 words Why there is a word limit is for you to demonstrate how you can apply knowledge and your understanding in concise manner. For want of a better word, you cannot waffle ILceOntit:datrkenowledge and understanding of partnership working and collaborative practice in the Prow…, Person-LO 5 Discuss the underlying principles of the wider determinants of health, lifestyle choices and their impact on the health and well-being of the individual L010 Demonstrate the ability to write concisely to the assessment brief


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