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El Roden-1200l- Student Hub -Ti X I Blackboard Learn X I DI Blackboard Collaborate Ultra-Ti X • Friday from 630 pm to 9:20 • X + e 0,111Trik BASIC INFORMATION ON ME CHANGE REQUESTED Project name Insert project identification, programme or tasks which the , change concerns. Identification of changes Insert the description of the change requested. Request placed by Anybody Contact Insert yourcontacl details details Description of requested change Explain the change including the proposed action. Date of raising the request dd/mm/yyyy Requested deadline dd/mm/yyyy for dealing with the change seal PriorttY Ellow lEYedlum Onioh IDEssential Justification for change Justify why you are requesting that this charge should be carded out Comments Insert any other potential comments. Annexes or references Oyes El No Name of the annexe or reference Insert the identification of the annexe or reference related to the change Proposed.. ANALYSIS OF THE CHANGE REQUESTImpact on the What will the impact of the change on project objectives an objective/outputs outputs be?Impact on the budget What will the impact on theyroject budget be?Impact on the time What will the impact on the time schedule of the project be? scheduleOther impacts What other impacts will the change bring?diluentsInsert any other potential comments.Re minendations Insert your recommendations, if an d how the change should beY/N; cedureDECISION 0DedsionJustification of the decisionimplemented.Project manager ESElAuthon ed thORejected,01Do notfill out this cwo, 1111==1L MformMg the stakeholdersWho will provideinformationInsert the name of the about the Depending on change classification ‘Date Idd/mm/YYYYP Type here to searchPROJ6003 M3-WS- Quality Assurance (39/49)Ilia d 0 emer,-) • IIII II a!brat-11,1,M…0 — m X • * 0EveryoneEl Recording messagesinthischatGunvantkumar Baldevbhai Pa… 729 PM doneSMihiri Thilani Kankanamge 7:29 PM doneSheetal #2 7:35 PM IRO Sir I have the connection issue today..sorry I turned on my mic but I think my voice is not audible..Sheetal #3 7:33 PM Sorry sir I think I have connection problem today..) spoke but I think my voice is not audible..Matt Woodford 7:02 PM no sound, Sheetal… same probSheetal #3 7:43 PM So sorry, I was trying..but it loads the session again every time ..‘Say somethingB I CiSend0InSt. 02-07-2021 R)


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