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BIRMINGHAM CITY UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF COMPUTING ENGINEERING AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT BRIEF CMP4257 Computer SystemsBIRMINGHAM CITY UniversityCoursework Assignment Brief Assessment – UndergraduateAcademic Year 2020-21Module Title:Module Code:Assessment Title:Assessment Type:School:Computer SystemsCMP4267101- Centred Knowledge Based Article and Practical Implementation CWRKWeighting: 100 %School of Computing and Digital TechnologyModule Co-ordinator:ROGER TAITHand in deadline date:ElementDate1 a — Tinkercad tutorial quizwe 21/9/2020 (Week 1)1 b — Knowledge Test – Hardware and Softwarewc 2/11/2020 (Week 7)2 — Knowledge Based Article 3 — Tinkercad Buildwc 7/12/2020 (Week 11)wc 14/12/2020 (week 12)Weight 5% 15% 60% 20%Return of Feedback date and format Re-assessment hand in deadline date:20 working days from date of submission (see Moodie for details). 12pm Mid-day on Monday 26th July 2021 Note: the reassessment work may be different.Support available for students required to submit a re-assessment:NOTE:Timetabled support sessions will be arranged for the period immediately preceding the hand-in dateAt the first assessment attempt, the full range of marks is available. At the re-assessment attempt the mark is capped and the maximum mark that can be achieved is 40%.1 CEBE UG Assignment brief revised 0310812018


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