Koolin Balit Aboriginal Health Strategy


Please review and analyse the Koolin Balit Aboriginal health strategy 2012-2022 found here:


OR on the website here: https://www2.health.vic.gov.au/about/health-strategies/aboriginal-health/koolin-balit

Pick one topic from the key stages of life OR the continuum of care from the six key priority areas (eg A healthy start to life or addressing risk factors) outlined in Koolin Balit and ONE priority associated with this strategy that relates to you as a healthcare provider:

State Government Victoria (2012) Koolin Balit Victorian Government strategic directions for Aboriginal health 2012–2022 , State of Victoria, Department of Health p.11

In your paper, please include the following:

An explanation of why this has become a key priority for Aboriginal people in Victoria and how this has affected their health. You can use stats and facts from sources such as AIHW or evidence as supported in recent publications or the latest Closing the Gap report. For example A healthy start to life will require reducing smoking in pregnancy by mothers of Aboriginal babies

Explain and describe at least one strategy/program/policy that focuses on addressing this priority area you chose. For example Australian government campaign “Quit for you quit for two” targeting aboriginal pregnant women.

The Victorian government identified a number of enablers for addressing the six key priority areas. Select ONE enabler from below and discuss how this enabler has been implemented to address the priority area you selected. How could you as a nurse contribute to addressing this priority area with reference to at least one enabler as identified below? For example improve data and evidence by being involved in research and dissemination of information regarding smoking in Indigenous pregnant women.

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