MB112 Business Ethics Assignment- learning in a future situation


Assignment Details

Topic Reflections
Each Reflective Report Entry for the Topic must be clearly organised under three headings below and should include the following contents and address the following questions:
1, Learning
What have I learnt (i.e., what was new/different for me)? Reflective analysis on learning from online sessions and assigned reading(s) for each Topic.
2.  Critique
How relevant is the topic of study? This should include a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of the key theories/ideas/concepts for the topic.
3.  Reflection (in two equal parts)
·  To what extent do the concepts/ideas and theories reflect what happens in your work place? (If you are not currently working, then reflect upon a previof employment or an organisation with which you are familiar, such as a sports or social club).
·  How can I make use of this learning in a future situation? For this section, you may choose to focus on one or two aspects of the topic.

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