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Narrated PowerPointmetnoaology-1 slideLO3This section is worth 8%.It is not necessary to include a detailed methodological discussion as this will be part of your final paper. You need to demonstrate to the audience that you understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your chosen method(s).only or a couple of sentences should indicate the chosen methodology to meet the research questions identified above.References 2 slides LO3This section is worth 5%.• ARU Harvard system1 The references are not included in the narrated presentationReferences not required in the abstract. Include 3-5 keywords.Abstract1-2slidesThe abstract should be presented on the final slide but is not included in the narrated presentation. The abstract should include the information from the right hand column of this table.For this slide please use size 10 fontSummative Assessment >■ 0 ■


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