NUR 231 Drug Therapy- interpret and use pharmacotherapeutic information



In your future role as a registered nurse or midwife, you will be required to interpret and use pharmacotherapeutic information and reliable clinical evidence to support patients or the pregnant woman in the quality use of medicines. You will interpret and use evidence to inform safe and comprehensive practice when designing person-centred care (nursing) or woman-centred care (midwifery) and managing a medication regimen. 
Discuss the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes required for safe medication practice by creating a case study that includes the administration of Flucloxacillin, ibuprofen, pholcodiene, and promethazine and exploring the core concepts from the course that are listed below. The case study should be realistic and include the context of care. Provide details of the client’s presenting health issues. Make the case study complex enough to enable discussion of the following concepts: Pharmacotherapy, Quality use of medicines, medication errors, anti-microbial stewardship, professionals standards, and person-centred or woman-centred care. Describe and discuss the concepts related to the case in an essay style written piece. Include person-centred or woman-centred practice interventions in the discussion

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