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Question Partnership and collaborative working can positively affect the health of the individual through a person-centred approach to care. However, the wider determinants of health can impact on the individual’s health and well-being.Using the scenario, discuss the wider determinants of health which have impacted on your patient and apply your knowledge and understar of the concepts of collaborative care and partnership working to help support your patient using a person-centred approach.Remember choose one only.Scenario 1 Poppy is a 14 years old girl who has downs syndrome, complex health needs including asthma. She is cared for by her parents who are both unemployed. Poppy has a learning disability, communication difficulties and attends a special needs school.Poppy has missed school and been admitted to hospital several times in the past three months with an exacerbation of her asthma. You 1-,:en. visited Poppy and her parents at their home following a referral from the ward Learning Disabilities nurse.Poppy lives in an area that is classed as deprived. On entering the home, you notice that the environment is very smoky and its clear 4rem the number of ashtrays in the room that both parents smoke. You ‘,I’M notice the walls are damp and there is mould above the window During the visit you observe that Poppy keeps coughing, her eyes are watering and she tells you she is tired. Due to her complex needs Poppy and her family are also supported by a social worker, and althourh are told that the social worker visited two weeks ago, you cannot find a report of the visit.


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