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COURSEWORK 2 RESITIf you are resitting COURSEWORK 2 (CASE STUDIES) you should answer any TWO questions, writing approximately 1000 words for each topic, excluding diagrams and references.Q1. Describe the two main reasons that people respond differently to the same medicine, giving an explanation for your answer in each case and examples for each of your two reasons125 marks]Q2. Critically discuss the use of checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T cell therapy in cancer. Include targets, mechanisms, and the latest findings and applications.125 marks]Q3. There are currently FOUR known different mechanisms of action of various drugs used to treat epilepsy syndromes.Describe in detail these mechanisms of action using NAMED clinically used anticonvulsant agents to illustrate your answer. Diagrams should be given in your answer where necessary.125 marks]Presentation: You should type your report, writing approximately 1000 words per topic (excluding diagrams and references,. Pleasebe looking closely at the Turnitin scores, given the high values obtained in previous coursework.


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