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newdirecdonlifrt training Performance evaluation and development planning, 3. (2013) Early Learning Association Australia. Retrieved from: 3 (Accessed April 2017)Activity 1To complete this task refer to (pp. 298-313) of your textbook ‘The Business of Child Care’ and your readings:• Effective policy development. • Child Care Staff: Learning and growing through professional development. • Performance evaluation and development planning (3).This activity requires you to develop a draft policy for professional development in an early Childhood service..: . • , “P Deyeitiiiint Tail it ., ^r Policy Title: Professional Development Policy 1. Define the issue or need Why is professional development necessary in Quality Standard, the Early Years Learning Framework P. , , 6-irw.k acUe.its>rirteA ‘v& A ,ir .r1- aibstAIS ‘,In aw 1 91)0(11 rtet f is chi),464.11)::-;€1-e -.7- k; i ctiv,c1 kviswiedje-, —to kl(9$,,_ 444 extAL.Jak – –kkAelq ( LO AN t. lifv2._ i• early childhood? include links to the and the Code of Ethics. inNTenAtavti ftb Ovn +0 SIA-6v21, vQ-A:t4.7610k- – • •.j jsitie%7 o ,.. cliA aa,t-i “iftl V./OM-Yu-a 112A 0 jivi. UleA/i %).) a ,„„eztd i cAthivzcAsi , • , .tt. liev:, iy,,tkieos • – , .ate icv,„5„Av… : ° ‘elk 42 Ale- ejA-J2JA. ‘h 161- 1:k ‘ • e-Po, ti cik MAO’ 1 tkc 111)i (.0441 ce 0%,,Ak 9 National Cak ditkat-4 tAL afern -0 Oa- a””ric en 64^-• VP &ILI :- Af– 4′ ‘ . stApper0ez let:„vicr, w_. , eluczatriA 011-titit-o’ . 71,,Q.A;„ k ‘. Chflk V■ ()AKA”‘ r mete Clo =4111) ti,XI AIL t).7 rep 6,„4 (10 e cv,A0,, How does professional development support staff retention? PA,IfOrt eActi ckeo e,t,4 ‘IS Aka- atteA342- -ej-1)—eA,10 gti Its. , 14-1″A) kj9e- fP’Lf e)i)veivte panidA,s je-.54e64 TIO-takwul-1 +3 €AA. 61114ACC -1 1C-AZIA3 64ke- 0,,,ADA &lag& 113 “i4^ itre-Q6 11′ F veDoc-Lenient Type: Unit Assessment Peck (llAP) Unit Name: CHCP0:002 – Develop anci implement policy0L, Page 1 31


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