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.ii Ai ‘^’,„ Cili7000 Word Report Guidelines for writing a Systematic Review 7000 words max.The following outlines a structure to follow when reporting a Systematic Review. The main heading are suggested but can be amended if required. However the final report must include the content outlined in the guidelines below. In addition the reported processes must be justified not simply stated as having been undertaken. Marks, which reflects the overall weighting given to each section are indicated. Allocation of marks will be linked to ARU generic marking standards for level 7Title 0%:TitleThe title of the article should convey something specific about the topicAbstract and Keywords 5% (relates to LO 3):AbstractKey words• Max 200 words are required. • The abstract must be divided into the following sections: background; objectives; data sources; review methodology; results; conclusion.Summative Assessment >■ * A


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