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)1 rg Ft id 77%■-8G ? resentation an eport (40%) At the start of term, you are required to join a team (3-5 students per team). Throughout the term, teams will undertake the following activities:• identify a problem that could be addressed/improved through Design Thinking (the problem may be of a social, service, commercial, or digital nature); • use Design Thinking tools, techniques and mind-set to ‘deep dive’ and thoroughly understand the chosen problem (you may also develop ideas for innovations that address/improve the problem you have identified but this is not compulsory); • present the Design Thinking process that you have applied to identify and understand the problem; and • develop a brief written report (which may include visualisations) critically exploring how your group could carry out iterative rapid prototyping for your chosen problem if social distancing, funds and time were not an issue.You will have the opportunity to experience and apply relevant tools and techniques throughout the term and you are STRONGLY encouraged to actively and creatively make use of opportunities provided in-class (synchronous) and via Discussion Forums (asynchronous) to practice and refine your Design Thinking skills.


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