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KINGS OWN INSTITUTE ACC301 Tax Law 1120 Assignment in lieu of the Workbook AssessmentDue Date for submission: 6.00AIV1 Monday 25 May 2020 (submitted on TURNITIN). Word Limit: Maximum 1,000 words. Total Value: 30 Marks out of 100 in the overall assessment. Instructions: 1. The Assignment in lieu of the Workbook Assessment (WBA) will be made available on Moodle on Friday night 15 May 2020. 2. The WBA MUST be submitted electronically on TURNITIN by 6.00A 1 Monday 25 May 2020. 3. Late submissions will be penalised in the standard way according to KOI rules. 4. Your paper will be marked by your Tutor. 5. The KOI rules regarding plagiarism apply to the WBA. 6. Students should limit their answers to 1,000 words. 7. Students should attempt all parts of the WBA. 8. Students must show all calculations and reasons for their answers. 9. Students must complete the standard KOI title page for assignments and submit this with their answer, but this will not count towards the word limit.Scanned with Cam Scanner


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