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School of Physics, Engineering and Computer SciencePage 1 of 3Assignment Briefing Sheet (2020/21 Academic Year)Section A: Assignment title, important dates and weighting Assignment title:Final Project Report (FPR)Group orindividual:individual Module title:Advanced Computer Science MastersProjectModulecode:7COM1039 Module leader:Dr Helen XiangModerator’sinitials:S. A. T. Submissiondeadline:27-08-202116:55Target date for return ofmarked assignment:After the Module Board You are expected to spend about300hours to complete this assignment to asatisfactory standard. This assignment is worth95%of the overall assessment for this module. Section B: Student(s) to complete Student ID numberYear Code Notes for students• For undergraduate modules, a score above 40% represent a pass performance at honours level.• For postgraduate modules, a score of 50% or above represents a pass mark.• Late submission of any item of coursework for each day or part thereof (or for hard copy submissiononly, working day or part thereof) for up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relatingto modules at Levels 0, 4, 5, 6 submitted late (including deferred coursework, but with the exception ofreferred coursework), will have the numeric grade reduced by 10 grade points until or unless thenumeric grade reaches or is 40. Where the numeric grade awarded for the assessment is less than40, no lateness penalty will be applied.• Late submission of referred coursework will automatically be awarded a grade of zero (0).• Coursework (including deferred coursework) submitted later than five days (five working days in thecase of hard copy submission) after the published deadline will be awarded a grade of zero (0).• Regulations governing assessment offences including Plagiarism and Collusion are available from (pleaserefer to UPR AS14)• Guidance on avoiding plagiarism can be found here:• Modules may have several components of assessment and may require a pass in all elements. Forfurther details, please consult the relevant Module Handbook (available on Studynet/Canvas, underModule Information) or ask the Module Leader. School of Physics, Engineering and Computer SciencePage 2 of 3Assignment Briefing Sheet (2020/21 Academic Year) This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive ModuleDocument): Successful students will typically be able to(1) critically evaluate advanced computer science literature relevant to their chosen project;(2) refer to the findings of other academic writers to justify their chosen approach to the development of asolution, and to evaluate the outcomes of their project work;(3) combine their knowledge of the subject, their reading of research papers and the outcome of their owninvestigations to conceive original ideas of their own.(4) plan and manage a substantial body of work, identify any risks inherent in their chosen approach, andwork independently with minimum supervision;(5) select and use appropriate techniques and tools employed in computer science in order to conduct apractical investigation of a particular advanced computer science problem;(6) critically evaluate and discuss the outcome of their project work in written and oral form;(7) articulate the broader contexts of their work in relation to legal, social, ethical, and professional issues,and assess the economic impact of their project.Assignment Brief:To write the final report on your MSc project, which should reflect the academic quality and the technicalstandard of your work.Submission Requirements:• FPR Submission (to Canvas) deadline: Friday 27th August 2021 at 16:55 (UK local time)• Demonstration deadline: Sunday 12th September 2021When you are ready to submit your report, convert it (and any accompanying documents) into a singledocument. You are free to send any program files, zipped files to your markers via emails but only theCanvas submission will be marked.You MUST include any appendices and ALL supporting material. Please do not include this assignmentbriefing sheet, but you MUST include your student ID number and name on the cover page of your finalproject report.Suggested file types for the submission:• Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)• OpenOffice Text (.odt)Marks will be deducted if you do not follow these simple instructions.The Final Project Report (FPR) has online submission ONLY.A live demonstration of your work is commencing after your FPR submission and by the demonstrationdeadline above.This assignment is worth 95% of the overall assessment for this module.Marks awarded for:100 marks in total are awarded in the categories below.(1) Specification of the project (5 marks)(2) Research (20 marks)(3) Methodology (20 marks)(4) Quality and Results (20 marks) School of Physics, Engineering and Computer SciencePage 3 of 3 (5) Evaluation and Conclusions (10 marks)(6) Presentation and References (5 marks)(7) Demonstration (20 marks)The details of the distribution of marks in each category are listed in the Assessment Form(see MSc Project Handbook).Instructions on the Final-Project Report (FPR)You should have done about 600 hours of effort by the time you submit your project report. This assignmentis worth 95% of the overall assessment for the module; the 300 hours of effort quoted relates primarily tothe collation, writing and editing the report and supporting documents, and the preparation and time givento a demonstration and face to face discussion of your work with your assessors.You should be aware from the outset that the report and your explanation of your work is the primaryevidence used in the assessment, and it is the assessment of your abilities to conduct and deliver a projectthat is key. Any software product or model or artefact that you may have produced during your project isnot the focus of the assessment. In an extreme case, a student that submits a well-crafted piece of work,but fails to submit a report into how it was produced, will fail. The project module is about assessing yourabilities as a student in your discipline area.As a guide, taken together, the report should be about 10,000 words in length. The bibliography andappendices are not included in the word length.DemonstrationYou must give a demonstration of your work to your supervisor and second marker and answer questionsfrom them about your work. This demonstration is part of the formal assessment process and counts 20%of your final mark. It is your responsibility to agree a time and date for this with the tutors marking yourproject, and to turn up on time (and be prepared) for your demonstration. It should normally take place afteryour FPR submission, though some may be prepared to do this before the submission deadline.Please check the MSc Project Handbook for guidance on how to structure your final project report andhow to prepare for your demonstration.Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment:Feedback will be in the form of a final grade via Student Record ( comments from your markers.


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