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7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN…… 1/5TRIMESTER 2 HE 2021 PROJ6005 ONLINE CRN 1387 AnnouncementsANNOUNCEMENTSAssessment 1A Ñrst discussion gradingPosted on: Monday, 14 June 2021 23:35:36 o’clock AESTHi allI have started grading the Ñrst discussion, due on the 13th (lastSunday). Now closed.Can I encourage you once again to enter the discussions early, in thebeginning of the module to get the conversation, the varyingperspectives and the concepts going, as this sets the foundations ofthe depth of the discussion topic. Late posts become redundant –because people have left the discussion room.Also enure you read the full question, as some forgot to answered thesecond part of the question, on the potential need for PM principles inorder to implement PPM.Hope to release the comments/grades mid week.PS… Please consistently check “ask the facilitator” forum for up todate information from me. In fact subscribe to this forum so you arenotiÑed when I have posted.Best RegardsLukePosted by: Luke WebsterPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN1387Institution CourseHOME STUDENT RESOURCES STUDENT HELPSANDIP MERAMBHAI DANGAR 46 LOGOUT7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN…… 2/5 Lecture on 14th June public holiday – PROJ6005Posted on: Thursday, 10 June 2021 02:10:12 o’clock AESTHi allAs discussed in the last session, due to it being a holiday this Monday(14th June), I will record lesson 3 and post it as ‘week 3’ in therecorded collaborate thread, in ‘ask the facilitator’ forum.I want us to continue to move through the content, to keep on trackfor each assessment.Enjoy the long week-end, for those that can.RegardsLukePosted by: Luke WebsterPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN1387Vital Information – Location PROJ6005Posted on: Tuesday, 1 June 2021 22:56:36 o’clock AESTAssessment due datesLecture slidesRecorded collaborate lecture/sessionsFurther instructions on the AssessmentsThe case study for assessment 2 and 4 (for those that do nothave a work related organisation to use)Hi AllCan I encourage you to please read the emails that I send.Please, your Ñrst point of call for any questions should be to “ask thefacilitator” forum – I post ALL important instructive information aboutthe subject in thereYou will Ñnd – for example:Posted by: Luke WebsterPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN1387 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN…… 3/5 and much moreFor personal issues my direct email is [email protected]RegardsLukeAssessment due dates and term information – PROJ6005Posted on: Saturday, 29 May 2021 02:26:07 o’clock AESTAssessment Component Due Dates – (by 11.55pm on due day)Assessment 1a Discussion Topic 1 PPM – Module 1 – DUE Commence2nd June to 13th JuneAssessment 1b Discussion Topic 2 PPM – Module 2 – DUE Commence16th June to 27th JuneAssessment 2 – Portfolio Planning Draft & Final Report – DUE 11th July2021 – end week 6Assessment 3 Presentation – Portfolio Management implementation(individual or group) – Due 25th July 2021 – end week 8Assessment 4 Portfolio Implementation Draft & Final Report – DUE15th August 2021 (End Week 11)Facilitator Information OnlineModule TimeframesPosted by: Luke WebsterPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN1387 NameLuke WebsterEmail[email protected]ConsultationEmail or post questions in the Ask thEmail to arrange an appointment and Module 131st May to 13th JuneModule 214th June to 27th June 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN…… 4/5 14 June to 27 JuneModule 328th June to 11th JulyModule 412th July to 25th JulyModule 526th July to 8th AugustModule 69th August to 22nd August Accessing Live lectures on collaborate – PROJ6005Posted on: Saturday, 29 May 2021 02:04:54 o’clock AESTHi all, following are the instructions to join the live lecturers eachweek.Access the live collaborate lectures from your main left menu“Collaborate Ultra Webconferencing” then click on the “weeklysessions” (NOT the “course room” as this is locked so you cannot enter).Click on the three dots (…) to the right and then select join thesession.The ϐirst session begins on Monday 31st of May at 8:00pm to8:40pm (Melbourne time). These weekly schedules will be set in“Collaborate” on blackboard. These sessions are recorded for thosethat have competing schedules.RegardsLukePosted by: Luke WebsterPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN1387Welcome to (PROJ6005) “Sustainability in Project Portfolioand Program Management”Posted on: Wednesday, 26 May 2021 21:27:02 o’clock AESTHello everyone, and welcome to PROJ6005 “Sustainability inProject Portfolio and Program Management. My name isLuke Webster, and I am looking forward to facilitating yourlearning experience for this subject. I have been lecturingwith Torrens University since the beginning of 2017, I spentmost of my time in Melbourne as Senior Lecturer/ProgramCoordinator for the Global Project Management Program. Iam currently working in Burkina Faso (Africa), howevernormally based in Lyon France.The purpose of this subject is to gain an understanding ofProject, Portfolio and Program management. This can oftenPosted by: Luke WebsterPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN1387 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6005 Online CRN…… 5/5be a conceptual challenge of determining the roles andrelationships between Portfolios, Programs and Projects.Ensure you monitor the class announcements on yourportal dashboard as they will contain ongoing vital subjectinformation.This original online subject is designed for YOU to learnthrough your module readings and extra research on thesubject topics. Self-discipline and self-motivation areparamount.We will have weekly online “conference sessions” in thecollaborate program on your blackboard, to discuss yourprogress and any hints I can give you in your learningjourney.The first session begins on Monday 31st May at 8:00pm to8:40pm – Melbourne time. These weekly schedules will beset in “Collaborate” on blackboard. These sessions arerecorded for those that have competing schedules.If you have a question, I encourage you to post them in the‘Ask the facilitator” discussion forum, as it is oftensomething other students will also want to know theanswer to. I will endeavour to reply within 48hours. Wherenecessary, I can be contacted via emailon [email protected] If you are having troubleaccessing your portal or with any technical issues, pleasecontact IT or student admin ASAP in order not to losevaluable study time.All the best in your studiesRegardsLuke Webster


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