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Assessment Task ATI – Written Assessment Exercise your knowledgeBSBLED401 Develop Teams and IndividualsUnit Purpose This assessment task provides you the opportunity to confirm you have gained the underpinning knowledge required by you to: • determine individual and team development needs and to facilitate the development of the workgroup.When and Where This assessment of your knowledge must be completed prior to work-placement. You may complete this assessment in your own time in your classroom or at home after you have completed the theory classes for this unit.What do I have to do? In order to achieve a Satisfactory result for this assessment you must correctly answer the 3 questions in this task (ATI). You are to construct short and long answer responses according to the instructions of the individual question — some questions ask you to match a term, word, number or symbol with its correct and corresponding description. This is an open book assessment: Please refer to the 09-23004 Student Assessment Instructions booklet for instructions and conditions for open book assessments.Assessment PurposeSatisfactory completion of this assessment contributes to the evidence your assessor will collect which will reflect that you understand and are aware of how to determine individual and team development needs and to facilitate the development of the workgroup. Specifically: • describe facilitation techniques to encourage team development and improvement • Systematically identify and implement learning and development needs in line with organisational requirements. • Collect feedback on performance of team members from relevant sources and compare with established team learning needs.a Monitor and evaluate workplace learning09-23004 SA BSESLE0401 Develop Teams and IndividualsNOT Controlled if printed or saved to individual computersVersion: 1 October 2018Authorised: Managing Director


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