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Coursework 1 Deadline –12th July 2021 (6:00PM)Refer to the Module Guide for all detailsregarding the coursework20-minute presentation with audioCritical policy analysis of reducing tobaccousein the United Kingdom and JapanLung cancer remains a leading cause ofdeath across the world (American CancerSociety, 2015). Smoking tobacco is asignificant risk factor in developing lungcancer and other illnesses. Policies toreduce the impact of smoking are designedto reduce lung cancer and other smokingrelated diseases.Critically evaluate how the UnitedKingdom and Japan have developed andimplemented anti-smoking policies andtheir effectiveness.American Cancer Society. Global CancerFacts & Figures 3rd Edition. AtlantaAmerican Cancer Society; 2015.Things to consider when completing thiscourseworkUsing data is an effective way to supportyour analysis. You should look for evidencein data to demonstrate what the effect ofthe policy was.You should not include policies from beforeyear 2000 is this is now out of date.You should look also at the wider politicalcontext in both countries. What otherrelevant factors may impact policydevelopment and implementation.Useful referencesYou may find these useful to begin yourliterature search. You should not Limit yourreferences to these.Levy, D., Currie, L, & Clancy, L. (2012).Tobacco control policy in the UK: blueprintfor the rest of Europe?. The EuropeanJournal Of Public Health, 23(2), 201-206., Y., Hashimoto, K., Tabuchi, T., &Shibuya, K. (2017). What can Japan learnfrom tobacco control in the UK?. TheLancet, 390(10098), 933-934. should read the Coventry UniversityStudents Union Guide to Plagiarism hereExamples of outstanding submissions ofCW1Here are 2 copies of excellent presentationsfrom last semester. They are included withstudent permission to give you an idea ofwhat an excellent coursework is.Do not use these in any other way than toguide the quality of your work.P Ms Powerpoint: Exemplar Cw1…OpenMs Powerpoint:Exemplar CW1.Open


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