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Assignment 1: Development of a web application for filmmanagementJuan Manuel Gimeno, Josep Maria Rib´oMarch, 20091 ObjectiveThe objective of this assignment is to design a web application that allows users:• To manage an on-line film database• To rate films• To make recommendations based of film rates• To buy tickets on-lineAll these objectives are certainly ambitious. For this reason, we will spread their achievment throughouttwo assignments.The parts that are marked with [**] are optional and graded as 20%.2 Domain informationThis is an enumeration of the most relevant domain information which the application should deal with:• A film is defined in terms of:{ A title,{ a director,{ up to 3 main characters (actors),{ A genre (drama, comedy, action, adventure, horror){ A year of production.• [**] In addition, a film has an average rate. This average rate is calculated using the rates thathave been given to it by the users of the system.• A director and an actor are defined in terms of his/her name and date of birth.• Ths system has a collection of users. Each user is defined in terms of:{ Its username (identifier){ Its name13 FUNCTIONALITIES: 2{ Its email.• There will be two types of users: employees and clients. For the employees, the bank accountnumber will also be kept.At the moment, this is the only domain information you need to consider. For the second assignment,we will add some more issues such that ticket reservation, theatres, etc.3 Functionalities:In its first stage, the application should offer the following basic functionalities:• Backstage functionality:{ Authenticate an employee.{ Insert a new film into the system.• Client functionality:{ Authenticate a client.{ View a list of all the films kept in the system.For a specific film, the user can click on its title and see its specific information (i.e., title, yearof production, [**] average rate, main characters… ).{ [**] Perform a rate tour.During a rate tour, the user is given a list of films and he/she rates them.{ [**] Show the Top-10 movies for the user.Each user can be given a list of the top-10 best rated movies as recommendation. This listconsist of the 10 films with better average rate excluding those already rated by the user (weassume that users rate movies that they have watched).In this first assignment, the technologies that should be used in its development are the following:• Java• Servlets• JSP pages• Sessions• JDBC• Tags• Java beans• Error management with JSP pages4 ASSIGNMENT DELIVERY 34 Assignment delivery• Deadline: 19-April-2009 (23:55 h.)• The assignment should be developed in groups of 1 or 2 students• The application should be packaged in a .tgz file with the following structure:{ A folder containing a UML diagram with the application domain model.{ A README file with the application detailed deployment and usage instructions.{ A DB folder with a .sql to create the database.{ The src folder with the java classes/servlets that have been developed{ Some folder with the deployment descriptor files (e.g., a dd folder){ The application.war file with the deployable application.• At least one servlet class should be used.


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