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7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 1/24TRIMESTER 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 ONLINE M1831 CRN 1372 AnnouncementsANNOUNCEMENTSGroups for Assessment 2 – are ready to access trough BBGroups sectionPosted on: Wednesday, 30 June 2021 18:04:40 o’clock AESTHi all,Here a snapshot of the groups for assessment 2. You can now see asection on the left side of your BB “groups” where you can access yourgroup and also, submit the assessment 2Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372Institution CourseHOME STUDENT RESOURCES STUDENT HELPSANDIP MERAMBHAI DANGAR 46 LOGOUT7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 2/24 Please be reminded that no individual assessments will be marked.If any questions or doubts, I am here to help.Kind regards,GabyAPA 7th edition resourcesPosted on: Wednesday, 30 June 2021 16:37:07 o’clock AESTHi all,Here some resources that may help you to use APA 7th style on yourassessments:https://ebookcentral-proquestcom.torrens.idm.oclc.org/lib/think/detail.action?docID=6351995 (thislink is also available on the Key Learning resources section)Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 3/24 APA 7th Edition: Creating APA Re…APA Manual 7th Edition: 17 Most …I hope this helps,Kind regards,GabyWeek 5 – Quality Management part 1 – Class Highlights,Slides, Recordings and Groups for A2Posted on: Tuesday, 29 June 2021 16:55:34 o’clock AESTProject Managers need to manage quality on theirprojects for two main reasons: 1. To increase the chancesHi TeamThanks for another amazing class yesterday. Sorry to send theinformaƟon late, I had a sick kid this morning.Here the most important ideas from yesterday’s class:Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 4/24for complete customer saƟsfacƟon and 2. To bring theOrganizaƟon’s quality policies into the projects.Quality is a percepƟon based on the need of the customerQA: focuses on revising the processes.QC focus on verifying that quality requirements are beingmeet. Best Ɵme to do perform QC is aŌer finishing theproduct/service and before handing it to the customer. Itcan also be done aŌer important milestones/ stages arecompleted.Some of the tools from yesterday can help you validate yourchange proposals by finding root causes, or where a process isfailing. Fishbone diagram, process flowcharts will be helpful foryour current Assessment project!Here the slides from yesterday class: PROJ6003 M3-W5 – QualityAssurance & Control_2021.pdfHere the recording of the class Quality Management part 1:hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/3c3fe97a219140c1858f4e20dce6c95fRecording of Opera House AcƟvity part 1: hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/7ec6fa45c38e41b8b54f2c621ccbb600Recording of Opera house acƟvity part 2 and assessment Q & A:hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/63037f7b1f03488aaa20aba74a070b4eAnd last but not least, the FINAL groups for assessment 2. Pleasecontact your teammates and start geƫng to know each other. NOCHANGES IN GROUPS OR INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENTS WILL BEACCEPTED. So, put in pracƟce what was learnt in week 4″Managing and developing project’s team”7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 5/24 If you need any help, you know where to find me.Kind regards,GabyPreparation for Class Activity on MondayPosted on: Friday, 25 June 2021 17:59:36 o’clock AESTHi team!On Monday we will do a class activity in groups with a short case studyto practice how to Ñll up the Change Request Form.This class activity will be based on the Opera House Case Study (ThisCS will be only used for the class activity, not for the assessment) so,please come prepared by reading this short case study:Activity CS_The Sydney Opera House construction_ A case ofproject management failure.pdfAnd watching this short video:Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 6/24 Sydney Opera House: Building an …Also here the link to the change request form: Change request formEXCEL.xlsxThis practice will be really helpful for your assessment 1. As well asgetting to know your group members.See you soonGabyLast day to send your A2 groups!!!Posted on: Friday, 25 June 2021 14:55:58 o’clock AESTHi all,Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 7/24 Just a little reminder that today is the last day to send me an emailwith your chosen groups for Assessment 2.Students who have not joined any groups by the end of today, will berandomly assigned to a group and communicated on Monday’s class.No changes on groups or individual assessments will be acceptedafter today.All the best,GabyAccess your “Key Learning Resources” for Theoryrecordings and extra learning resources for modules 1and 2Posted on: Wednesday, 23 June 2021 15:37:55 o’clock AESTHi there!Just a quick note to let you know that Theory recordings from module 2as well as some good extra resources and class slides are now availableon your “Key Learning resources SecƟon” in BB.I hope this helps and facilitates your journey. Remember, it is up toyou!!!Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 8/24 All the best,GabyWeek 4 – Class highlights, slides , recordings and groupsfor A2 so far…Posted on: Tuesday, 22 June 2021 17:06:55 o’clock AESTDirecƟng project work will involve the technical and nontechnical (human) sides and as PMs develop skills toHi team!Yesterday’s class was amazing sharing your experiences whensupervising and coordinaƟng various acƟviƟes while managingpeople. As we all agreed, it is not easy! Specially on projectsbecause of its uniqueness and diverse teams.Here the three main ideas to remember:Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 9/24manage people can determine the success or failure ofthe project.The resources that we need to acquire and manage canbe: Internal (we need to allocate) or external (we need toprocure)Interpersonal, negoƟaƟon and management skills will notonly help you to leas your project’s team but also toeffecƟvely engage stakeholders.Here the link from yesterday’s slides: PROJ6003 M2-W4 –DirecƟng ^0 Managing Project Work_2021.pdfHere the link to the Class recording: hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/0327a744ca174af2ba6d86d450087733And the link for the second part “Assessment 1 Overview –QuesƟons and Answers”: hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/77040bfd0420497597a6ab6bb3c5bf01Here also a link for the Change Request form Template to fill upand include as an appendix on your Assessment 1:Change Request Form Template.docxYou can also access your key learning resources for the classtheory recordings from modules 1 and 2 and extra resources formodule 2.Next class we will discuss about some good tools from QualityManagement that will also help you to validate your changeproposals; also, we will deliver a group acƟvity to pracƟce forassessment 1.Finally, here is a snapshot on how groups for Assessment 2 areforming so far:7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 10/24 If you have not found a team yet, do it ASAP (4 people) and sendme an email by this Friday.As always, all the best, and I am here to help, you know where tofind me.Cheers,GabyReminder tomorrow – Event for online Students ” FromGood to Great”Posted on: Wednesday, 16 June 2021 17:29:05 o’clock AESTHi all,I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow Thursday 17th from2:30pm to 3.15pm AEST you can attend this event directed to onlinestudents, to make the most out of your online studies.The university has lined up a panel of guest speakers, Online Senioracademics, to talk to students about their top Ɵps on taking study tothe next level and Ɵps on how students can reach their full potenƟal.Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&ha… 11/24 This is a great resource to help you succeed. Hopefully you can make it.Kind regards,GabyWeek 3 class highlights, slides, recordings, support EVAslides – and Online students event this Thursday!!!Posted on: Tuesday, 15 June 2021 11:19:10 o’clock AESTHi teamWe had a great Ɵme yesterday playing, learning, and also geƫngto understand the Case Study. Thanks for the parƟcipaƟon fromthe two teams that volunteered to present their findings aboutthe case study!Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 12/24Earned Value Management (#1) f…Gantt Charts vs Burn-Down ChartsYesterday we learned some of the tools to control Scope, Budgetand Schedule, here the three most important ideas to keep inmind:– Why we control scope, budget and schedule? to make sure wethe project is delivering the value expected by our client– How do we do it? Comparing what was planned with currentperformance and using tools such as: EVA, Trend analysis, what ifscenarios etc.– What are the results? Define correcƟve or prevenƟve acƟonsrequired and change requests.Here the slides and recording from yesterday’s class: PROJ6003M1-W3 – Control tools and techniques_2021-OL.pdfhƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/25435838d8ef44d8b9dc07ef93baa7c7And the promised EXTRA slides for EVA and Trend Analysis:PROJ6003 M1-W3 – Extra on EVA ^0 Trend Analysis_2021.pdfAlso, for EVA and burndown charts do not forget to watch thisshort video to support:7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 13/24 Here, the recording from presentaƟons and discussion regardingthe case study:hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/8aa21c580b104c2291b40a881de4dc9dFinally, I want to encourage you to aƩend this even speciallydirected to Online students, on how to go “from Good to Great”in your studies.From Good to Great Flyer (002).pdfHave a great week! And I am here to help if you need me.All the best,GabyClass reminder. Monday 14th of JunePosted on: Monday, 14 June 2021 14:26:36 o’clock AESTHi teamJust a little reminder that as agreed last class through pool voting wewill still have class today Monday 14th of June (which is a publicholiday for most states) as normal at 6:30pm AEST.Hope to see you all soonKind regardsPosted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 14/24 GabyWeek 2 class highlights, slides, recordings and nextweek’s activityPosted on: Tuesday, 8 June 2021 11:48:13 o’clock AEST1. Project management isn’t about blocking or embracingchange, but about controlling it in a way that benefits thebusiness and brings the project outcome closer to the goals ofthe business.2. The iniƟal and most important to manage change in projects, isestablish a process right from the beginning, so, when potenƟalchanges arise, everybody knows what to do. Suggestedprocesses are: IdenƟfy the need of the change – submit achange request- analyse impacts – approve/or reject thechange – implement acƟon – communicate – and monitor thechange.3. Some tools to manage change are: GanƩ charts, Excelspreadsheets, Milestone charts, Stakeholder analysis, andspecialized PM soŌware such us: MS Project, Merlin Projectlibre. Change Management soŌware: Gensuite, Solarwind,Whaƞix.Hi everyone!We had a great class yesterday, thanks for aƩending and for your acƟveparƟcipaƟon.Yesterday we started discussing about “Change Control in Projects”, andsome of the tools and techniques required to manage change when itoccurs. Here the 3 main ideas to keep:Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 15/24Get together with 2 or 3 classmates during the weekand summarize the main ideas of the case study todiscuss next class. This will help us get to know eachother to start thinking on your groups forassessment 2.Project Background. Main goal?How is it organized? Constraints? Schedule?Milestones?Main stakeholders?What problems do you see?Next class we will keep going deeper on tools that will help you for theanalysis on your first assessment.Here Yesterday’s slides: PROJ6003 M1-W2 Control toold andtechniques_T2_2021-GJ.pdfHere the class recording for the ones who could not aƩend or wouldlike to review the content:Class Recording week 2 “Control tools and techniques 1” : hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/72e12950cda74119aa596dcb5c196994Here the link for the second part of the class with Ɵps and instrucƟonson how to develop assessments. Yesterday we discussed assessment 1:Assessment Review “ Assessment 1” : hƩps://aulƟ.bbcollab.com/recording/a612802845f54a4c9bfff81e2a8a7e77Key things to remember for next class:Read your Case Study link here:Some ideas to discuss here:Any quesƟons or concerns, I am here for you.Kind regards,Gaby7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 16/24Class preparation, How to enter BB collaborate, and CaseStudy!Posted on: Monday, 7 June 2021 16:38:27 o’clock AESTHi team!I hope you all had a great weekend!Today we will start discussing about Change Management. Heresome videos to warm up before class, or as a top up after class:What is Change Management in Project Managementhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSHyvLjZHcwChange Management vs Configuration Managementhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VErsnGIqzEQWhat is Change Control ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JU_G7loIvwPerform Integrated Change Controlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TllXVKkz2-AIt has also come to my attention that some of you are a bit lost onhow to get into the class, here a little “how to guide” for thosewho are new or have not used BB collaborate ultra before:How to join Online classes on Collaborate Ultra.pdfFinally, we got super good news! I have received the Case Studythat we will be using for ALL our assessments is the “DAMS”Project, which can be accessed here:PROJ6003_Assessment Case Study_Department AssetManagement System – DAMS Project.pdfI recommend starting to read it and highlight the main ideasduring the next week since this case will be used as well in ourclass discussions from next week onwards.Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 13727/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 17/24 See you soon.Kind regards,GabyWeek 1 Class highlights, slides and recording – Lecturerand term information UpdatedPosted on: Tuesday, 1 June 2021 00:03:02 o’clock AESTHi all,It was great to meet you today virtually. Thanks for joining the classspecially those overseas too!As promised, here the updated document with the correctassessment dates:PROJ6003 T2-2021 Lecturer and Term Information – UPDATED.docxI think our class if conformed by extraordinary people! Just wanted toshare our class insights so you can see how our BIG picture looksnow:Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 18/24We have diÖerent perspectives…For some of us this is an elective subject.We have diÖerent reasons why we are here:7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 19/24And diÖerent expectations:We are diÖerent, to enrich each other…7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 20/24Let’s make the best out of this learning experience!Today was all about giving a good start to our course and, settingclear rules, here the three main things to remember:– Academic expectations: critical thinking applied, high level, extensiveresearch to support your arguments, correct use of academic writtingstyle, use of APA citation in all your work, use of thrustable validsources (PMI, Library, peer reviewed articles) allow us to makemistakes and learn from them.– Personal expectations: Honesty, respect, thrust, opencommunication, puntuality, creativity, participation, engagement,asking questions, integrity and ethics.Here the class slides:PROJ6003 M1-W1 – The Icebreaker_2021-GJ-OL.pdfand class recordings (may not be the best with all the signal drops)sorry: https://aulti.bbcollab.com/recording/5a2889a6399b4be583d77959b216c1147/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 21/24 Course Link/Discussion Board•What is change in projects?•How do you believe we manage them?•What’s involved in the process?Next week, as I said we will get into “Change Management” potentially,the most important topic to learn for your Ñrst assessment, pleasebring ideas to discuss these three questions:Also, jump to the discussion forum and share a bit about yourself!See your all next Monday, have a great week.All the best,GabyWelcome to PROJ6003 “Projects Execution and Control”Posted on: Friday, 28 May 2021 12:21:18 o’clock AESTHello everyone,Posted by: Maria JimenezBeltranPosted to: Trimester 2 HE2021 PROJ6003 OnlineM1831 CRN 1372 7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 22/24Welcome to PROJ6003 – Project Execution & Control!My name is Gabriela Jimenez (Gaby) your Learning Facilitatorand I am very excited to share this journey with you to learntogether.Our online sessions will run each week on Mondays 6:30 pm to9:30 pm AEST. (Please check the time according to your timezone e.g., Adelaide would be 6:00pm to 9:00pm)First, I would like to introduce myself with a short video with alittle ‘about me’ here:0:00 / 4:12Some important information regarding our class:Our first class will be next Monday 31 of May 2021. at 6:30 pm(AEDT).On the following link: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – Trimester 2 HE2021 …Guess access (in case is needed, please put your name):hƩps://au.bbcollab.com/guest/a487708d851f4c2589eb21c0cb10fdffIf you are not able to attend at that time, you will be able toaccess the recordings of the sessions after trough Collaborate7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 23/24Ask the Facilitator ForumClass messages: This is a direct email that you can selectyour Learning facilitator as a recipient in your BB portal.Only for personal matters/emergency contact me directly tothe personal email:[email protected]Ultra in your Blackboard.1. First classI will provide an overview of this subject, some basic “principles ofconduct” and expectations as well as an overview of the 2Assessments we have in this subject, with an emphasis onAssessment 1.2. Key Learning ResourcesI like to give you additional resources for you to use/researchduring your studies. I’ve already added several additionalresources for each of your modules in the “Key LearningResources” area in your Blackboard. I’ll be adding extraresources, as we move forward, if necessary. In that same areayou will also find the recommended textbooks we use for thissubject. However, the version of the PMBOK in that link is the 5thedition, to which I’m recommending all students to look for the 6thedition in our Library.3. AssessmentsAs a general approach, I provide something I call “AssessmentBreakdown Structure” for each Assessment a few weeks prior toyour assessment deadline with more details to help you prepareas much as possible as well as give you more opportunities toask questions.Actual dates of your assessments can be found on the Lecturer &Term Information:4. Slides & AnnouncementsI also share with you my lecturer slides through Announcementson your Blackboard after the class (usually the day after). TheBlackboard portal and email are the main communicationmethods we use in this subject!5. Best way to contact me:If you have any questions before the class begins next week (orat any time during your studies), the best way to contact me isthrough:Looking forward to starting this new learning experience with youall!Warm regards,Gabriela (Gaby)7/6/2021 Announcements – Trimester 2 HE 2021 PROJ6003 Online …https://laureate-au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_111520_1&h… 24/24


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