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IEWI INSTITUTE OF TRAINING & EDUCATIONPaper 604: Operational Management Assessment 2 Type of assessment – Individual Total marks available: 70 marks Assessment weighting: 50%This is an Individual Assessment. The minimum requirement for a pass is 50%. The minimum word count for this assessment is 3500, and the maximum limit is 4500. This assessment has a significant practical component, including designs, illustrations, and diagrams. Therefore, we recommend your wordcount will approach the lower limit rather than, the higher maximum.Student Name: Lecturer Name: Student ID: Date of Marking: Date of Submission: Signature:I attest that the following assignment work that I have submitted is entirely my own work. I acknowledge that if it is proven that this is not the case, I must accept the appropriate penalties imposed by the institution in terms of their published policies.Signed:■ ._ …. ….. I-1Scanned by CamScanner


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