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10:2941.1114, ■Oft 1IIearn.bcit.caLT]OPMT 1175 Warehouse Management I, Assignment 1, 2020Name: Student # Date:Note: Your individual assignment is due at the beginning of class on Week 5. The assignment must be submitted in a DOCX file only! Show calculations & formula used in white space below and record your answers in the table below You will lose marks ifyou do not show calculations. See marks breakdown on last page.1) Amazon has an SKU costing $10 and is normally ordered in quantities of 800 units. The annual demand is 6,000 units, carrying cost is 20%, and the cost of placing an order is $100. Calculate the following for order quantities of 800 and 1,500 units.A Average inventory B # of orders placed per year C Annual inventory carrying cost D Annual ordering cost E Total Annual costFor IN= ForOrder Qty = 800 Order Qty = 1,5002) Benny, the owner of Benny’s warehouse, decides to establish an EOQ for an item. The annual demand is 400,000 units, each costing $8, ordering costs are $32 per order, and inventory-carrying costs are 20%. Calculate the following.Show your calculations and formula in white space below. Record your answers in the table.A The EOQ in unitsB # of orders placed per year • • •


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