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SITXHRM004 Assessment 4 – Plan and organise inductionprogramsBefore beginning this assessment, you need to remember that all work submitted must be presented in a professionalmanner as if you were presenting it in a real workplace. Therefore, all templates you provide must be formatted andpresented professionally.In assessment three (3) you conducted an interview with one other student (the successful applicant). Using the interviewquestions that they developed in assessment two (2). You analysed and matched the job criteria with the applicantsresume.You then developed a “letter of employment offer” using the templates your sourced. Now that you have selected theapplicants that you want to fill the advertised roles.To assist you in providing professional and standard assessment work please ONLY us the templates provided at thefollowing link: this assessment you will now plan and organise an induction program so that you can induct the new employees intothe “Mondo’s organisation. Your task here is to present your induction program in PowerPoint form and induct otherstudents in your class.Make sure that you consider the following key points:• Plan content and format of induction programs to must reflect organisational objectives and policies• Include all appropriate information in induction programs according to organisational policy.Information that could appear in your induction program (depending on type and size of the business) PowerPoint mayinclude:• Introduction to Mondo’s Cafe (which includes an outline of business objectives)• Conditions of employment• Contact details of various departments or work colleagues• The organisations customer focus and/ or initiatives• Employee benefitsDashboard ► My courses ► Hospitality ► SIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality Management ► SIT50416 – 2021 ►SITXHRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff ► Assessments ► SITXHRM004 Assessment 4 – Plan and organise induct…• Employee responsibilities• Employee rights• The organisations culture• The organisational goals• The organisations objectives• The organisations responsibilities• The organisations vision/ vision statement• Organisational policies and procedures (reflect on the policies and procedures that were developed in the research andcomply with regulatory requirements learning module)• Department locations and equipment (if applicable)• Staff amenities for example lunch room• Off-site operations- could include external catering agreements• All aspect of the business premise• Business or organisational chart (if applicable)• Payroll information• Superannuation• Wage payments• Leave entitlements• Work health and safety• Policies and procedures relating to job role• Social media complianceTo assist you in the task of developing an induction program for new staff members, use the following keys words whensearching the internet:• Induction plan template• Template for new employee induction program• Guide to providing a good induction• Images for induction program examplesPresent your induction programNow that you have developed your induction program you will be asked to present a part of it to your class members(acting as new employees).When presenting your induction program via PowerPoint to the class, ensure you have discussed:• the history of the business and its role• who the employee reports to• the employee’s duties and what training will be provided• performance expectations and when and how performance will be reviewed• hours of work and the procedure for recording hours of work• meal breaks• the applicable award or enterprise agreement, and where to find a copy• the payment method first pay date and how payslips are distributed• any workplace policies and procedures including:o uniform or dress code (if any)o procedure if the employee is sick or running lateo procedure for applying for leaveo rules regarding personal calls, visitors and/or use of social media at worko any bullying, harassment and anti-discrimination policies.Implementation of induction programOn presentation closure you will then be asked to explain how and why your induction program needs to be implementedin a manner that minimises operational disruption to your workplace. A word document explaining this must be attachedfor your assessor.Make sure that you have submitted:1. A word document using Microsoft word2. Develop an induction program for new staff3. Present a part of your induction program (as requested by facilitator)4. Provide an explanation on how and why it is important to implement an induction program with minimal operationaldisruption to daily workplace operations5. Provide the sources of which you obtained information and templatesSubmission status Attempt numberThis is attempt 1 ( 5 attempts allowed ).Submission statusNo attemptGrading statusNot gradedLast modified–Submission commentsComments (0) ADD SUBMISSIONYou have not made a submission yetNAVIGATIONDashboardSite homeSite pagesMy coursesHospitalitySIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality ManagementSIT50416 – 2021SITXHRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct StaffParticipantsCompetenciesGradesGeneralZoom recording 2021Zoom Class Recordings 2020Recorded Links 2020Learner VideosLearner ResourcesAssessmentsSITXRM004 Assessment 1 – Identify Recruitment NeedsSITXHRM004 Assessment 2 – Administer RecruitmentSITXHRM004 Assessment 3 – Select StaffSITXHRM004 Assessment 4 – Plan and organise induct…Written AssessmentEvidence SubmissionSITXHRM006 Monitor Staff PerformanceSIT60316 – Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management© Copyright VIT (Victorian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd) 2019-2020Victorian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd. 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