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Scenario 1: A corporate venture at New Tech LtdBackground New Tech Ltd is relatively new to the Australian scene, having started Gn Perth in 2012_ The company now has 75 people evenly spread into offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, where the CEO is situated. The company provides new technology solutions to business. and its claim to fame is being able to understand and interpret a business’ technology needs and find the solutions that are just right for them, They then go on to assist in the procuring of the technology., including development of the tenders. handling negotiations and project managing installation On occasion they will contract aspects of their work out and involve spe-cialists, such as legal talent and targeted technology gurus to assist them_ The technology solutions they are charged to find may be communications or IT based, but often go beyond this into manufa.cturing industry machinery and robotics etc. They also Iodic. at leading edge IF and software that is associated with the technology. Business has been good for the company over the past eight years with the company growing from the team of five partners and seven initial staff to now having seven partners and about 70 full time staff, as well as relationships with over 100 potential contractors.Structure CEO – Managing Partner Director – Business Development (2 partners, 3 State Leaders. 12 staff) Director – Business Analysis (2 partners, 3 Slate Leaders, 15 staff) Director – Sourcing (1 partner and 3 Specialis(s) Director – Delivery and Implementation (1 partner, 3 State Leaders, 30-40 stall)Your opportunity. • . -L r I inno nmCI thri vAnrs and eniov


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