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SITXHRM004 Assessment 3 – Select StaffBefore beginning this assessment, you need to remember that all work submitted must be presented in a professionalmanner as if you were presenting it in a real workplace. Therefore, all templates you provide must be formatted andpresented professionally.In your assessments thus far, you have;• Identified the roles that you need to fill for the pop- up café, “Mondo’s”• Placed appropriate advertising• Received applicants from studentsIn this assessment you will now have the difficult task of selecting one applicant for each position advertised. How willyou do this? Do you know how to do this?Keeping in mind that Mondo’s section process must:• Adhere to equal employment opportunity principles• Use specific job criteria indicated in the job description as basis for selection• Ensure merit based select• Include you to participate in the selection process• Evaluate applicants making sure that their experience is the best fit for the position advertised• Evaluate applicant’s customer service standards and the attitude towards best practice• Determine whether the applicant is the best fit for the café’s culture• Discuss selection recommendations with others• Make an employment offer• Provide new employees details of organisational policy• Maintain records of the selection process.Assessment QuestionsLooking over the above selection process answer the following questions and provide answers in word document:Dashboard ► My courses ► Hospitality ► SIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality Management ► SIT50416 – 2021 ►SITXHRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct Staff ► Assessments ► SITXHRM004 Assessment 3 – Select Staff1. What are three (3) equal employment opportunity principles?2. Why is it essential that you use specific job criteria as a basis for your applicant selection?3. What is meant by the phrase “merit-based selection”?4. Why would you include others in the selection process?5. How would you ascertain if an applicant’s experience was the best fit for the position?6. In the Hospitality industry, why is customer service standards and attitude paramount?7. What is meant by the term, “cultural fit”?8. What are the benefits of discussing selected applicants with significant others?9. What are five (5) essential elements of a “letter of employment offer”?10. When providing new employees with organisational information, what are four key (4) details that must be provided?11. Describe the steps taken in the selection process, include how records are maintained.Now that you have a clearer understanding of the selection process, you now have the task of selecting one applicant foreach position.Job evaluation application form (example provided)From all the resumes submitted by your fellow students to you for the job role you advertise, you will now need toevaluate at least one applicant for each of the three (3) roles advertised against the job description criteria. To assist youin this task you may use the following template. Make sure you have submitted your completed Job evaluation applicationform as part of this assessment.To assist you in providing professional and standard assessment work please ONLY us the templates provided at thefollowing link: play (Observation)Now that the successful applicants have been notified, each student will act out their role of “Recruitment Manager” for“Mondo’s” café and conduct an interview with one other student (the successful applicant). Using the interview questionsthat they developed in assessment two (2) and their resumes that they have tailored to address the criteria of each jobvacancyInform applicantYou will then review the applications provided and inform applicants of your decision. You will do this by drafting upeither a letter informing them that they have either been unsuccessful or successful. A copy of both must be attached foryour assessor.To assist you in providing professional and standard assessment work please ONLY us the templates provided at thefollowing link: of employment offerYou will now develop a “letter of employment offer” using the templates available by searching the following:At the completion of the interview as the acting “Recruitment Manager” you will now need to issue a “letter ofemployment offer” to the successful student. Time will be allocated for you to draft your letter.To assist you in providing professional and standard assessment work please ONLY us the templates provided at thefollowing link: sure that you attached your “letter of employment offer” as part of this assessment.Make sure that you have submitted:1. A word document using Microsoft word2. Answers to ALL assessment questions3. A drafted copy of your “letter of employment offer”4. 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