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Module Leader: Fabio OliveiraUlster Business SchoolQAHE CampusOffice Hours: Thursday 9:30 to 10:30E-Mail: [email protected]The Digital LandscapeAssignment BriefJune 2021Module Code: BMG814CRN: 84029Module Level: 7Page | 2Module AssessmentCoursework (100%)Assignment 1 – Case Study on E-Retailing/E-Marketing (70%)Please take some time to view the following four videos (at least twice) on the future ofshopping.Video 1. Alibaba’s New Retail Experience (5mins) 2. Retail 2020: 5 Technologies (6mins) 3. Supermarket 2020: A vision of the future (4mins) 4. Location Based Marketing (3mins) answer the following 4 questions:1. Does the huge growth in ‘online shopping’ really mean the extinction of the traditional‘high street’ store…or can they successfully co-exist?2. Discuss the 5 ‘New’ technologies outlined in video 2 and explain the advantages anddisadvantages of each technology.3. In video 3 we see Symphony Retail’s vision of Supermarket 2020. Discuss what yourSupermarket of the future would look like and what it should contain/not contain.4. We are told that Location-Based Marketing is about connecting people, places and media(Video 4). What are the ethical considerations around businesses knowing every ‘place’we visit? Submission Date: Sunday 15 August [email protected]:59 UK TimeWord Limit: 2,000 words. (No introduction or conclusion is required for this assignment)Guidance on assignment will be provided during the module Assignment 2 Online MCQ Tests (30%)The second element of coursework will be a series of online Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)tests (5 x 10 questions). These will be available (for a limited time) in the module content areathroughout the semester. The system will allow each student to have one attempt at each test.More details will be available during the semester. This assessment will be available fromFriday 20 August 2021 (@9:30 am) – Tuesday 24 August 2021 (@23:59)Page | 3Marking criteria for Assignments 1 (70%) Student Name CategoryRequirementsMarkContent The case study report goes into sufficient depth(not superficial) Demonstrates a sound knowledge of the topic area/40Interpretation Provide evidence that you have read the material Good understanding shown Material is original Covered key issues/25Sources Any sources that are used are properly cited Harvard referencing system is used Identify and use at least five relevant sources/15Language Narrative is clear and easy to follow Spelling has been checked Grammar has been checked/10Presentation Good clear presentation style at all times The material is well structured Meets the word limit criteria (2,000 max)/10Total/100 AdditionalComments


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