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“bp &Alp It *6 _, ( A rj IA en D CI frlie°h eat A Module 7 is concerned with a variety of infectious diseases, its cans s and transmission, host immune o response and management of disease. There is a wide range of pathogens responsible for disease in humans, animals andplants. In this task, you will focus on the impact of infectious diseases on human populations during epidemics and pandemics.Your task involves 5 parts (A, B, C, D and E).Part Create a fact sheet which provides information about Dengue Fever. This fact sheet should be one A4 page. The fact sheet can be single or double sided but ensure it is clear and concise for your target audience which is the general public in South East Asia. You may also want to include relevant pictures to capture the attention of your audience.This fact sheet must include the following: – Scientific name – Cause – Mode of Transmission – Host Response/Symptoms – Strategies to prevent, control and treat diseasePart B: Dengue fever is not endemic in Australia, which means the virus isn’t here permanently/continuously. The majority of Australian confirmed cases acquired their infection overseas. The following data provide information about the number of overseas acquired cases of Dengue fever in Australia in 2017 and 2018.StateNumber of overseas acquired eases in 2017ACTisNSW324NT40QLDSATAS30224VICH8WA502StateACTNSWNTQLDNumber of overseas acquired cases in 2018 15 -1 135 25 118SA I 10TAS 3VIC 103 WA318Table 1.1 Table 1.2


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