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7036EXQ Structural Health and PerformanceAssessmentIndividual Coursework BriefTitle:Response of the strengthened timberbeams and failure modesModule Learning Outcomes Assessed:3. Understand the fundamental behaviour and mechanics ofstrengthening.4. Evaluate the performance of strengthened concrete andmetallic structures (in this case timber elements).6. Demonstrate the understanding of practical applications ofstrengthening schemes.Task▪ Analyse and report on the response ofstrengthened timber beams and failure modes usingexist test data.▪Test data will be made available on Aula space.Test OverviewTypical schematic and loading configuration of test specimensSpecimen configurationsSpecimen configurationsActual TestImages kind courtesy M S Gazo (Class of 2020)Test Overview – FailuresImages kind courtesy M S Gazo (Class of 2020)Report Marking Scheme1. Introduction (10%)2. Result Analysis (45%)3 Discussion and applications in industry (35%)4. Organisation, quality of academic writing andpresentation (10%)Return of marks/feedbackMarks and feedback to be entered on the system twoweeks after submission of coursework.Coursework submission deadline: 05 July 2021, by 18:00hours via Aula platform.7036EXQ Structural Health and PerformanceAssessment


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