ENT301 Lean Start Up

Prepare a business investment proposal with the following components:

  1. Briefly outline your business venture.
  2. Research and analyse investment options. Using the investment options covered in

modules 1-3, identify and justify a minimum of two (2) investment options most suited to

ENT301_Assessment_2_Brief_Business Investment Proposal_Due_Module_3.2 Page 1 of 6

your lean start-up phase for your own venture. Provide a critical analysis of all other options

you have discounted for your own venture, explaining why these options were discounted.

  1. Communication strategy. Outline your communication strategy to approach and convince

your chosen investors.

  1. Convincing argument. Outline your convincing argument to your chosen investors based on

your validated hypotheses and Lean Canvas.

  1. Briefly summarise your proposal to potential investors.
  2. Correctly cited references.

Attachments. Provide your Lean Canvas as a pd

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