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BSBMGT617 Assessment 3 – Implement a Business PlanFollowing Assessment 2, you are to prepare for and implement your business plan in part.Your implementation will encompass running a meeting for your team in which you:• Explain and discuss the business plan in detail• Allocate responsibilities for at least 2 different strategies outlined (e.g. marketing, HR, compliance) within the plan.• Instruct / mentor each person to whom you have allocated a responsibility to, to ensure they understand the role bycompleting a skills self-assessment checklist for the above responsibilities.• Determine if any training is required for the above roles.It is important that you are prepared for this session, ensuring you:• prepare for the session to ensure everything is covered by preparing an agenda.• develop and provide relevant documentation / supporting materials to your team.• Include an implementation plan.Your assessor will observe you running the meeting.Meeting Context• Each meeting will consist of yourself (running the meeting), and at least 2 other people, who will role-play theemployees. Other people may include trainers or students from your course.Things to consider whilst performing this task:• Be organised – prepare and plan for the session thoroughly.• Know your position• Know your company• Arrange access to all required documentation for this process• Be prepared to ask questions• Be prepared to be asked questionsThings to consider whilst role-playing an employee:Dashboard ► My courses ► Hospitality ► SIT60316 – Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management ► SIT60316 – 2021 ►BSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business Plan ► Assessments ►BSBMGT617 Assessment 3 – Implement a Business Plan• Be prepared• Act professionally throughout the process• Be prepared to ask questions when you require more information• Answer all questions to the best of your ability• Make sure that by the end of the session, you are fully aware of the strategy you have been allocated, along with theactions you would need to perform to achieve this.Remember, you will be required to both run the meeting, and role-play an employee (during another student’sassessment), so be sure to perform at your best at all times.Assessment SummaryYou are to submit the following• Your meeting plans/Agenda• Copies of documentation provided to employees/Summery of business plan documentation• Skills assessment checklist for the above two strategic roles mentioned above including performance requirements andtimelines.• Meeting minutesSubmission status Attempt numberThis is attempt 1 ( 5 attempts allowed ).Submission statusNo attemptGrading statusNot gradedLast modified–Submission commentsComments (0) ADD SUBMISSIONYou have not made a submission yetNAVIGATIONDashboardSite homeSite pagesMy coursesHospitalitySIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality ManagementSIT60316 – Advanced Diploma of Hospitality ManagementSIT60316 – 2021SIT60316 – Adv Diploma of HM – General InformationSITXFIN005 Manage Physical AssetsSITXMPR007 Develop and Implement Marketing StrategiesBSBMGT617 Develop and Implement a Business PlanParticipantsCompetenciesGradesGeneralZoom Class RecordingsLearner ResourcesLearner VideosOnline Lecture RecordingsAssessmentsBSBMGT617 Assessment 1 – Review 2 Business PlansBSBMGT617 Assessment 2 – Develop Business PlanBSBMGT617 Assessment 3 – Implement a Business PlanBSBMGT617 Assessment 4 – Monitor Business PlanWritten AssessmentEvidence SubmissionBSBFIM601 Manage FinancesSITXWHS004 Establish and Maintain a Work Health an…BSBRSK501 Manage Risk© Copyright VIT (Victorian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd) 2019-2020Victorian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd. City Campus Address: Level 14, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000AustraliaPhone: (61) 1300 17 17 55 Email: [email protected] RTO No: 20829 CRICOS Provider No: 02044E ABN: 41 085 128 525You are logged in as shehan mihidukulasuriya (Log out)BSBMGT617-2021Moodle 3.5.12 (Build: 20200704)


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