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Page 1 of 12Loan IntervIew DIary noteName(s) of customer(s) presentLocation of interview Date of interviewWere all applicants interviewed in person?If not, please indicate who was Y NDo all of the customers appear to clearlyunderstand English? Y NIf No to above, have the services of aninterpreter been recommended? Y NDo all of the customers clearly benefit fromtaking out this loan? Y NIf No to above question, what enquiries have been made to ascertain thelevel of benefit to each party to the loan?Provide details of any other pertinent information obtained during the loaninterview which may be of interest to ANZ or any unusual circumstances youmay wish to record.approveD orIgInator DetaILs anD authorIsatIonAO SAOApproved Originator Company/ Firm NameTitle and NamePreferred NumberPhone Number Fax NumberVIC/TAS NSW/ACT QLD SA/NT WAAuthorised Officer/Contact Name Date SentappLIcant summaryApplicant’s NameNominated ANZ Branch for Loan Account (if unknown, insert suburb)BSB: 01 –Has the customer completed the Customer Identification Procedure at anANZ Branch? (ANZ cannot settle the loan until this requirement is met)Yes NoFinance Clause Expiry DateEstimated Settlement Dateto: anZ Broker unitLocked Bag 9collins st west post officemelbourne vIc 8007ph: 1800 812 785FaX: 1800 501 231anZ mortgage Broker Distribution – Loan application Cover Sheetplease complete entire application in BLocK letters.APPLICATION NUMBER (Office Use Only)Number of pages includedBusiness Development Manager Lo Doc 60 Lock RateThe ANZ Lock Rate Fee PaymentAuthorisation Form MUST becompleted.First Home Buyer Interest in AdvanceLmI (please indicate if this application or any linked application involve LendersMortgage Insurance)commercIaL (please indicate if this application has a linked Commercialapplication)new resident (please indicate if the customer has recently arrived in Australiaand is not yet a citizen or permanent resident)non resident (please indicate if the customer is a foreign national and residesoverseas)staFF (please indicate if the customer is an ANZ staff member) ANZ Mortgage Broker Distribution – Loan Application Cover SheetPage 2 of 12section 1. refinancesIs the application a refinance of other Financial Institution (oFI) Lending? Yes NoIf no, skip below to section 2. significant changes in future financial circumstancesreason for refinancing (please select)Reduce/simplify repayments Convenience and flexibilityDissatisfaction with service at current lender More competitive pricing Specific features and productsrefinancing costs:Other (please specify) 1. Has the customer obtained a verbal payout quote from the OFI? Yes No2. If No, recommend customer obtain quote as costs to refinance may be considerable and may change significantly. amounts:Current outstanding balance plus accrued interestPlus estimated OFI refinancing cost (costs imposed by other financial institutions):e.g.: early repayment fees, break fees, loan transfer fee Loan Approval Fee and discharge fees etcTotal amount to refinance section 2. significant changes in future financial circumstancesare there any circumstances that the customer is aware of that could affect their ability to repay this loan?For example:– Temporary reduction in income– Permanent/Long term change in income– Anticipated large expenditureNo If no, skip to section 3. Further investment in shares or managed fundsYes Please specify:If yes, how does the customer plan to meet repayments during this reduced income period? Please select:Securing additional income Use of SavingsReducing expenditure Sale of AssetsIf the customers have no plan to meet changed circumstances:• Complete Statement of Financial Position (SP) to reflect changes in customer’s circumstances, and• Recommend customer seek financial advicesection 3. Further investment in shares or managed fundsIs loan for investment in shares or managed funds? yes no If yes, will the shares or managed funds purchased be used as a security for a margin loan?If yes:yes no • Recommend customer seeks independent advice from a Financial Advisor• Ensure margin loan liability and repayments are included in the Statement of Financial Position.Page 3 of 122.1 anZ mortgage – Loan applicationPersonal and Employment Details (p1 of 2)personaL DetaILs prImary appLIcant personaL DetaILs co-appLIcantApplicant Director/ Partner Guarantor Trustee ApplicantDirector/ PartnerTitleSurname Guarantor TrusteeTitle Surname First name Middle name First name Middle name(Please note: this name appears on the Letter of Offer) (Please note: this name appears on the Letter of Offer) Date of birthGenderM FDrivers licence numberState Permanent Australian Date of birthGenderPermanent AustralianM FY NDrivers licence numberState Y N Current housing situation Current housing situationBoarding Own home Renting With parents Caravan Boarding Own home Renting With parents CaravanOther: Other:Marital Status Single Married or De facto Marital Status Single Married or De factoName of spouse Name of spouseNo. of dependants Age (in years) of dependant children No. of dependants Age (in years) of dependant childrenHome Phone Number Business Phone Number Home Phone Number Business Phone NumberMobile Phone Number Fax Number Mobile Phone Number Fax NumberaDDress DetaILs (mInImum 2 year hIstory) aDDress DetaILs (mInImum 2 year hIstory)Current Address: Street (No. & Name) Current Address: Street (No. & Name)Suburb State Suburb StatePostcode Country Postcode CountryTime at current address Years Months Time at current address Years Months(If less than 2 years, previous address must also be included) (If less than 2 years, previous address must also be included)Previous Address Details Previous Address DetailsStreet (No. & Name) Street (No. & Name)Suburb State Suburb StatePostcode Country Postcode CountrymaILIng aDDress DetaILs (IF DIFFerent) maILIng aDDress DetaILs (IF DIFFerent)Street (No. & Name) Street (No. & Name)Suburb State Suburb StatePostcode Country Postcode CountryPage 4 of 12empLoyment DetaILs (mInImum 2 year hIstory) empLoyment DetaILs (mInImum 2 year hIstory)Employment type Employment typeFull Time Part Time Casual Full Time Part Time CasualSelf Employed Not Employed Self Employed Not EmployedOccupation OccupationCurrently under a probationary period Yes No Currently under a probationary period Yes NoLength of probationary period Length of probationary periodCurrent Employer’s Name Current Employer’s NameABN ABNStreet (No. & Name) Street (No. & Name)Suburb State Suburb StatePostcode Country Postcode CountryPhone Number Phone NumberTime at current employer Years Months Time at current employer Years Months(If less than 2 years, previous employer must also be included) (If less than 2 years, previous employer must also be included)Previous Employer Previous EmployerOccupation OccupationTime at current employer Years Months Time at current employer Years Months2.1 anZ mortgage – Loan applicationPersonal and Employment Details (p2 of 2)Page 5 of 12pLease photocopy For aDDItIonaL securItIessecurIty DetaILs – one securIty DetaILs – twoSecurity type Security typeRegistered Mortgage 2nd Mortgage Guarantee Registered Mortgage 2nd Mortgage GuaranteeOther OtherSecurity given by Security given byCurrent Address: Street (No. & Name) Current Address: Street (No. & Name)Suburb State Suburb StatePostcode Country Postcode Country Property PurchaseY NOn Market Transaction Y NOff the PlanProperty StatusY NEstablishedNewTo be BuiltVacant LandProperty TenureProperty Use Property Purchase Y NOn Market TransactionY NOff the PlanProperty StatusY NEstablishedNewTo be BuiltVacant LandProperty TenureProperty Use Freehold Leasehold Other Owner Investment Freehold Leasehold Other Owner InvestmentProperty Zoning Property ZoningCommercial Industrial Residential Rural Commercial Industrial Residential RuralRural Life Rural Residential Other Rural Life Rural Residential OtherProperty Type Property TypeStandard Residential Standard ResidentialStudio / Warehouse Apartments Studio / Warehouse ApartmentsMulti-dwellings on One Title Multi-dwellings on One Title1 Bedroom small sized (50m2)Rural Residential Housing/Rural Housing (>10 hectares) Rural Residential Housing/Rural Housing (>10 hectares)Vacant Land Vacant LandACT Leasehold ACT LeaseholdProperty Development Property DevelopmentCompany Title Units Company Title Units Title TypeTitle DetailsTorrens Old LawSecurity ValueGuarantee Amount Title TypeTitle DetailsTorrensOld LawSecurity ValueGuarantee Amount $ $ $ $Contract of Sale Held Y N Contract of Sale Date Contract of Sale Held Y N Contract of Sale DateConstruction Loan Y N Construction Loan Y NsoLIcItor DetaILsName AddressCompany Suburb StatePhone Number Fax Number Postcode Country2.2 anZ mortgage – Loan application Security DetailsPage 6 of 12pLease photocopy For separate purposePortfolio – Please download and complete 2.3.1 ANZ Mortgage Distribution – Loan Application Portfolio Details and Sub-account selection.Loan DetaILs – one Loan DetaILs – twoProduct and Amount Product and Amount $yearsyears $yearsyears Loan term sought (this loan) Loan term sought (this loan) Fixed Rate term (if applicable) Fixed Rate term (if applicable) Lock Rate Y N Progressive Draw Y N Lock Rate Y N Progressive Draw Y NNOTE: Rate is not locked until payment of the Lock Rate Fee is received by ANZ NOTE: Rate is not locked until payment of the Lock Rate Fee is received by ANZ Interest-Only term (if applicable)yearsRepayments frequencyWeekly Fortnightly MonthlyFrequency for RIL Interest-in-Advance onlyMonthlyStatement cycleQuarterlyHalf-yearlyAnnually Interest-Only term (if applicable)yearsRepayments frequencyWeeklyFortnightly MonthlyFrequency for RIL Interest-in-Advance onlyMonthlyStatement cycleQuarterlyHalf-yearlyAnnually Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Monthly Quarterly Half-yearlySecurity to Product (address) Security to Product (address) oFFset• Does the customer wish to link a current ANZ One (Offset) Account?oFFset• Does the customer wish to link a current ANZ One (Offset) Account? YN If Yes, insert Account Number (if known) YN If Yes, insert Account Number (if known) Fee DIsBursement Fee DIsBursement Capitalised Lenders Mortgage Insurance(If you choose ‘Y’ the LMI will be automaticallyYN Capitalised Lenders Mortgage Insurance(If you choose ‘Y’ the LMI will be automaticallyY N added to the loan amount requested) added to the loan amount requested)NOTE: All Bank, Security/Government fees and charges and Lenders Mortgage NOTE: All Bank, Security/Government fees and charges and Lenders MortgageInsurance (if applicable) will be deducted from the total loan amount requested Insurance (if applicable) will be deducted from the total loan amount requested andand automatically disbursed at Settlement (unless Lock Rate selected). automatically disbursed at Settlement (unless Lock Rate selected).reFInance DetaILs (IF appLIcaBLe)Other Financial Institution (OFI) Other Financial Institution (OFI)OFI Account Number OFI Amount OFI Account Number OFI Amount$ $2.3 anZ mortgage – Loan application Loan SelectionLoan DetaILsLoan PurposePurchase Land Purchase New DwellingHome Improvement BridgingRefinance SupplementaryConstruction Debt Purchase (QLD only)Purchase Established DwellingOther:DescriptionLoan typeOwner Occupied Investment Loans in a company/Trust nameproDuctLand Standard Variable Simplicity PLUSFixed Rate Equity ManagerEquity Manager – no chequeNOTE: Please specify product for split loan under Loan Details.Total Amount Sought Approval in Principle Sought$Page 7 of 122.4 anZ mortgage – Loan application ANZ Breakfree Package (p1 of 2)to Be compLeteD onLy For anZ BreaKFree pacKagethis form must be completed in full to ensure efficient processing Application Numberexisting anZ Breakfree package customer?If Yes, add to existing packageorOpen a new package (please complete below sections 1A, 1B and 1C)For new BreaKFree customers:nomInatIon oF manDatory accountsI/We nominate the following Mandatory Accounts, as specified in section 1a, 1B and 1c. (Please note that each applicant under the ANZ BreakfreePackage must be an account holder (either jointly or alone) for at least one of the nominated Mandatory Accounts. Refer to the ANZ Breakfree Termsand Conditions for a description of Mandatory Accounts.)1a. manDatory mortgage LenDIng account(s)List all existing ANZ Mortgage Loans under ANZ Breakfree to be eligible for Total Lending Discounts.Account Holder(s) Account Number(s) Current Loan Balance(s)Total ANZ Mortgage Lending1B. manDatory transactIon account (pLease seLect one)Note: The Annual package fee will be charged to your mandatory transaction account once your loan is drawn. Transaction account must be ANZAccess Advantage account, ANZ One account or ANZ Equity Manager facility.I/We will need to open a new transaction account as part of this Package (please contact an ANZ Branch to organise; transaction account mustbe opened before Settlement date).ORI/We will nominate the following ANZ Transaction Account as part of this Package.Account Number Account Holder(s)Optional ANZ Assured facility (please select one)1) I/We do not require an ANZ Assured facility2) I/We require an ANZ Assured facility with a credit limit of $1,000 and request that it be linked to the above account3) I/We already have $1,000 ANZ Assured facility OR I/we require a limit increase on my/our ANZ Assured facility to $1,000I/We acknowledge that the ANZ Assured & Personal Overdraft – Terms and Conditions govern any use of an ANZ Assured facility. If ANZ accepts my/ourapplication for ANZ Assured, I/we understand that ANZ will provide me/us with these Terms and Conditions.1c. manDatory creDIt carD account – note: to avoid delays in the receipt of credit cards, please ensure option 1, 2 or 3 is completed In FuLLNote: If you do not select a card account type below for Option 1 or Option 3, the ANZ Platinum account will be selected as your mandatory credit card card account requiredoption 1 I wish to apply for the ANZ platinum card selected below with a credit limit of $ but understand that I may onlybe approved for the minimum product limit of $6,000 based on my application details. I understand that ANZ may make an offer for acredit card account regardless of whether I accept or decline my Mortgage Letter of OfferANZ Platinum^ ANZ Rewards Platinum+ (note: fee applies) ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum+ (note: fee applies)Applicant’s Name Existing Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number#Page 8 of 122.4 anZ mortgage – Loan application ANZ Breakfree Package (p2 of 2)existing anZ credit cardholders option 2I hold a current ANZ Credit Card account and I nominate this account as my/our Mandatory Credit Card Account.Account HolderVisa/MasterCard Card Number option 3 I would like to upgrade to a platinum card and understand platinum cards have a minimum credit limit of $6,000.I would like to apply for a credit limit increase to $ (only populate field if a credit limit increase is required)I request you transfer my existing card to the card selected below and nominate this as my eligible credit card under Breakfree.If my limit increase application is not approved (where requested), I nominate my current credit card (at the existing limit) as myeligible credit card.Account Holder Visa/MasterCard Card NumberANZ Platinum^ ANZ Rewards Platinum+ (note: fee applies) ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum+ (note: fee applies)# You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn Points with your ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum account. A joining fee applies. Please call Qantas on 13 11 31 if you are nota member.^ An annual Rewards Program Services Fee of $22 (including GST) applies per cardholder for the optional ANZ Platinum Sphere Rewards Program.+ An annual Rewards Program Services Fee of $55 (including GST) applies per cardholder for ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum and ANZ Rewards Platinum. This account is issued with both an ANZAmerican Express® card and an ANZ Visa card. American Express is a registered trademark of American Express. ANZ American Express cards are issued by Australia and New Zealand BankingGroup Limited (ANZ 11 005 357 522) pursuant to a license from American Express.additional cardholders (Only complete if you wish to include an additional cardholder for your Mandatory Credit Card Account)I have read and understood this application including the Declarations and Terms and ConditionsSignature Name Dateplease note: a credit card Key Facts sheet should have been included with this document. to view, visit or contact us on 13 22 73.Page 9 of 122.5 anZ mortgage – Loan applicationPersonal Statement of Financial Positionname(s)assetsPresent valueANZ account(s) Total $$$ Other financial institution account(s) Total Other Cash Assets (Bonds) Shares $Property Assets (list Address & Value) $$$$$No.$$ total property assets Contribution paid to deposit on property Total Number of Motor Vehicles Total Value of Motor Vehicles Superannuation Total Other Assets (eg insured value of contentsand valuables, boat etc) – please specifyTotal $$ Total assets (1) Income (average monthLy)Base salary Gross (p.a) Net (p.m.)Income earner 1 $$ $$ Income earner 2 other incomeRegular overtime $$$$$$ Government benefits/ pension Part–time/ casual employment Dividends/ Interest Rent received net Monthly gross $ x80%* *do not show rental property expenses as separate expense items $$$ Total net monthly income (3) DateLIaBILItIesLimit(s) Current outstandingANZ Home Loan $$$$$$$$ ANZ Investment Loan ANZ OverdraftANZ Personal Loan OFI Home Loan OFI Investment Loan OFI Overdraft Credit / Store Cards other liabilities DueOutstanding taxation $Other – please specify $$$$$$ Total liabilitiesTotal assetsLess Total liabilitiesNet assets(2)(1)(2)(=1–2) eXpenDIture (average monthLy)Credit commitmentsLoan Repayments for this facility $$$$ Loan Repayment for other ANZ loans/ HPs Loan repayment for OFI loans/HPs Credit/store cards other commitmentsTotal Living Expenses $(includes: Motor Vehicle, Rates, Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Food,Clothing, Personal, Home Insurance, and Education Expenses)Rent/Board $$$$ Insurance – Contents/Medical etc Life/Income replacement insurance Child Maintenance Other – please specify Other – please specify $$$$$$$ Total net monthly expenditureTotal net monthly incomeless Total monthly expenditure(4)(3)(4) Uncommitted monthly income (=3–4) Non-continuing liability Non-continuing liabilityDecLaratIon oF sIgnatureI/ We declare that the details contained within this Personal Statement of Financial Position are true and correct.Signature of Applicant/Guarantor Dated (DD/MM/YYYY) Signature of Applicant/Guarantor Dated (DD/MM/YYYY)separate statement oF FInancIaL posItIon to Be compLeteD By each appLIcant unLess marrIeD or De FactoaLL areas must Be compLeteD By customer / pLease photocopy For aDDItIonaL appLIcantsPage 10 of 12anZ mortgage Broker Distribution – Loan applicationappLIcant/guarantor DecLaratIonIn the following Declaration ANZ is Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522 Australia Credit Licence Number 234527 and each of itsrelated companies (incl subsidiaries). Throughout the Declaration, Qantas is Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901.anZ’s collection, use and disclosure of personal informationANZ is collecting your personal information to enable it to process this application and, if it is approved, to provide you with the product or service you areapplying for and in the course of your relationship with ANZ the use and disclosure of your personal information. Where you are a guarantor, ANZ is collectingyour personal information to enable it to assess you as a guarantor for an application for credit. Without this information ANZ may not be able to consider orapprove this application.You may request access to your information at any ANZ branch by calling 13 13 14. Access will be granted in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 for areasonable fee. If any of your information is inaccurate, you may request it be corrected.ANZ may disclose your personal information collected in the course of your relationship with ANZ (including information about your credit worthiness, history,standing or capacity) to:privacy consentsBy signing this application form, you consent to ANZ disclosing your information to the following persons.• approved originator – ANZ may also disclose any information about your credit arrangement (including your current loan balance) to the ApprovedOriginator or their nominated representative, its officers and any successor for the purposes of furthering your application; enabling the ApprovedOriginator to ascertain when it is entitled to a trailer fee (being an ongoing fee for the term of the loan) or calculate its trailer fee; or for any other reasonablepurpose including post settlement activities.• Insurer / reinsurer – ANZ will or may be seeking lenders mortgage insurance from the insurer/re-insurer, and may disclose your personal information topersons from the insurer/reinsurer for the purposes of reviewing your application for credit. (Insurers are ANZ Lenders Mortgage Insurance Pty LtdABN 77 008 680 055 and, QBE Lenders Mortgage Insurance Ltd ABN 70 000 511 071)• Qantas (Breakfree customers only) – ANZ may disclose your information to Qantas and any service provider Qantas engages to carry out or assist itsfunctions and activities. If you have applied to open a new or transfer to an ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum account and this is approved, you also agree toQantas using your information to plan, research, market and promote its products and services or those of its related companies and ANZ’s alliance partnersto enable them or Qantas to market their products or services.use of commercial credit informationANZ may obtain information about your commercial activities and commercial credit worthiness from any business which provides that type of information. ANZ mayuse that information to assess your credit application or, where applicable, to assess whether to accept you as a guarantor of credit applied for by the applicant.Banker’s opinionANZ may obtain from other banks, and disclose to other banks, a banker’s opinion about your consumer credit worthiness for use in the assessment of thiscredit application.nomination for correspondence – under the National Credit Code for a Credit ContractImportant information for people completing this declaration: Each debtor is entitled to receive a copy of any notice or other document under the National Credit Code. Bycompleting this declaration, I am/we are giving up the right to be provided with information direct from ANZ. Any person who has signed this form can advise ANZ at any time inwriting that they wish to cancel their nomination.I/We nominate (full name of person nominated)Print address of nominated partyDescription of Credit (loan type and amount)to receive notices and other documents under the National Credit Code on behalf of me/all of us.• any person who introduces you to ANZ, including the ANZ ApprovedOriginator submitting this Loan Application to ANZ;• any contractor or service provider ANZ engages to carry out or assist itsfunctions and activities;• credit reporting agencies;• ANZ’s alliance partners;• mortgage insurer or re-insurer;• your employer;• any credit provider to assess a credit application, to assess your credit worthiness,to help you avoid default on your obligations or to inform them of your default;• any credit provider for any purpose you have agreed to;• an intending guarantor, to enable that person to consider whether or not toact as guarantor, or offer property as security for a credit product that you ora joint borrower have applied for with ANZ;• a person who is a guarantor, or has provided property as security, for a loan;• other persons ANZ is authorised or required by law to disclose informationto (and other persons where you have consented to the disclosure); and• any third party providing you with a product or service in relation to theANZ product.Page 11 of 12DecLaratIon sIgnatureDeclaration required in respect of all products applied for pursuant to this application. It is to be signed by all applicants and intending guarantors. My/Our signaturebelow evidences my/our understanding and consent to all matters set out in this application and this declaration. By signing below,I/we consent /authorise and acknowledge the following:• ANZ to confirm the details contained in my/our Loan Application with my/our accountant, financial adviser or employer. A copy of this acknowledgement pagemay be given to my/our accountant, financial adviser or employer as evidence of my/our consent to them confirming with ANZ any of the details in my/our LoanApplication.• I/We have not relied upon any representation or warranty made by the ANZ Approved Originator named on page 1 before submitting this Loan Application.• That an Approved Originator is not an agent and acts independently of ANZ. If I/we require any information regarding the loan product which is the subject of thisLoan Application or any other loan products of ANZ then I/we can contact ANZ directly.• Confirm that the information contained in, and accompanying, the Loan Application (including all information submitted online and any information contained inthe Personal Statement of Financial Position) and all the information provided by me/us to the ANZ Approved Originator, is true, correct and complete and given insupport of this application and that any documents provided containing financial information are true copies of the final signed versions of the original documents.• Where the ‘Nomination for Correspondence’ has been completed, by signing this Declaration I/we agree to the nominated person receiving notices and otherdocuments under the National Credit Code on behalf of me/us.• Supporting loan documentation may be sent/received via electronic mail or via fax. applicant/guarantorPrint Nameco-applicant/guarantorPrint Name Signature Date Signature Dateco-applicant/guarantor co-applicant/guarantorPrint Name Print NameSignature Date Signature Datewitness signature (anZ approved originator) I confirm the information contained within this application is true and correct.Print Name Signature Date3 anZ mortgage – Loan applicationApplicant/Guarantor Declaration (p2 of 2)Page 12 of 124 anZ mortgage Broker Distribution – Loan applicationFor BroKer useThe following documents are required for ANZ to assess and provide a decision for the specific loan application. Please check the appropriate box to confirm therequired documents are enclosed with the application. You must sight all originals before submitting to ANZ.please ensure all tax File numbers are effectively removed or blacked out from all documents before submitting to anZ.Note: Under NCCP, the supporting loan documents are only valid up to a maximum of 120 days. (Dependent on the loan purpose)Please refer to the ANZ Originator Web Site: for more information.Loan appLIcatIon• All relevant pages of the ANZ Mortgage Broker Distribution Application KitvaLuatIon Forms• Valuation Report, where requiredpayg Income (please supply any one of the following options):• One payslip confirming at least 3 months YTD figures (no more than 60days old; must be consistent with annual income; not handwritten); or• Wages credited to a transaction account for the last 3 months, verifiedby supplying the ANZ account number or copies of OFI (Other FinancialInstitution) bank statements with at least one being a copy of an originalstatement with Internet statements being acceptable for the others.seLF empLoyeD Income/company Income• Evidence is required in the form of copies of personal and all associatedcompany/trust/ partnership tax return for the most recent financialyear, accompanied by ATO assessment notices (most current year’sfigures no more than 18 months old).rentaL Income (one oF the FoLLowIng)• Tax Return (as long as the property is still held)• Lease Agreement• Rental Statements issued by the managing real estate agent(revealing stable payments over past 3 months)• Real Estate Agency Letter (used in conjunction with the RentalConfirmation Tool*)• Valuation from ANZ Authorised Valuer confirming Rental IncomeIDentIFIcatIon proceDure• Complete applicable Customer Identification Process at ANZ Branchprior to settlement (if you do not have an existing account).conFIrmatIon oF eQuIty• Copy of bank statements, receipts, accounts etc. confirmingequity of applicant(s)Loans In company name• Business Entity Application Form• Guarantor’s Checklistguarantor• Copy of Guarantor’s ChecklistLoans wIth LenDers mortgage Insurance (LmI)• Copy of bank statements for past 3 months showing 5% genuine savings^purchase• Full Copy of Contract of Sale*• Copy of Foreign Investment Review Board Certificate* (if applicable)reFInance• Copy current 3 months loans statements^• Copy of Foreign Investment Review Board Certificate* (if applicable)constructIon• Full Copy of Contract of Sale*• Copy of Foreign Investment Review Board Certificate* (if applicable)• Copy Fixed Price Building Contract* OR Builders Permit• Copy Council approved plans*• Tentative on Completion (TOC) Valuation*• Copy of Builder’s Insurance*owner/BuILDer• Full Copy of Contract of Sale*• Copy of Foreign Investment Review Board Certificate* (if applicable))• Copy Council approved plans OR Builders Permit• Break-up of construction costs• Quotations supporting construction costs• Copy of Housing Guarantee and/or domestic insurance policy*• Copy of Insurance Policy document for Residential Property Insurance*owner/BuILDer checKLIst• Detailed costings held• Completed similar project in last 2 years• Works in the building industry• First time builder with minimum experience• 10% of loan amount held as cash in the bank*Not compulsory with the initial application, but are required by ANZ prior to providing an unconditional decision.^Last statement must be from within 60 days; transaction listings not acceptable. Internet statements are acceptable.australia and new Zealand Banking group Limited (anZ) aBn 11 005 357 522. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527. Item No. 9600 06.2012 W274809


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