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SITXHRM006 Assessment 1 – Monitor Staff Performance andProvide FeedbackIn this assessment you will:• Consult with hospitality colleagues about expected industry standards• Identify and use appropriate communication strategies• Provide hospitality colleagues with guidance• Provide hospitality colleagues with support to enhance their work performance• Provide initiatives around recognition of a job well done• Reward hospitality individuals with rewards for achieving outstanding work performanceThere are several parts to this assessment. Please ensure that you complete each part and follow theassessment instructions.Group AssessmentAs hospitality professionals you are required to gather in small groups read the case study and complete individualperformance reviews based on the information you have read and shared.Part A- Case study (Sheraton Grande Mirage)Andrew has been offered the position of Food and Beverage Operations Manager at Sheraton Grande Mirage, a five- starresort in Port Douglas, Cairns, Australia. Securing this position is the highlight of his hospitality career.Andrew worked the last eight years travelling around Australia in positions ranging from Bar Supervisor to Night AuditManager. He understands the importance of hospitality industry standards and will be using this as his main focus whengetting to know his food and beverage team at Sheraton Grande Mirage.Andrew attends an induction and is ready to hit the ground running the next day. He is excited that he will become theleader of a hospitality team of 88 staff.As Andrew pulls into the resort’s car park the next day he notices a group of resort staff standing around smokingcigarettes in their uniforms. When he confronts them about this, they ignore him and walk in the other direction. Severalof the staff hurl abusive words at him, laugh and some of them butt out their cigarettes in the garden bed.Andrew parks his car and makes his way to the staff entrance of the resort. As he does this he witnesses three (3)kitchen staff dressed in their work uniform making their way to their shift entering through the lobby entrance of theresort.At this point Andrew feels that there seems to be a lack of industry standards, staff moral and possibly staff training. Heis concerned about this and feels that you should address these concerns first thing so that he can set expectations andservice standards and pave his place within his new team.After speaking briefly with the Alison, the General Manager, he leaves her office even more disconnected than he hadanticipated. She informs him that the hospitality team has been operating for the last 14 months with little to noDashboard ► My courses ► Hospitality ► SIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality Management ► SIT50416 – 2021 ►SITXHRM006 Monitor Staff Performance ► Assessments ► SITXHRM006 Assessment 1 – Monitor Staff Performan…directives, since it is very hard to get hospitality professionals in the far North of Australia.Along with overseeing the general day to day operations of the resort, Alison has tried to offer support when and whererequired, but in many instances has not been able to maintain control and uphold five-star service expectations.Alison informs Andrew of the following re-occurring issues:• Over recent months the F&B team has exceeded budgetary operational costs• Customer complaints are received weekly due to a decline in customer service standards• Staff are half-heartedly performing tasks and the level of accuracy in their work has dropped• Staff personal presentation standards are a hit and miss on most days• Staff productivity has dropped significantly• Staff punctuality has become a main concern• Staff responsiveness to directives and tasks at hand are not being met in a timely manner• Team morale has decline and there is little to no team interaction• Excessive food and beverage wasteAlison also informs Andrew that staff morale has dropped significantly which could be the main reason for most of theissues identified. The hospitality team has not been recognised for a job well done, nor have individuals beenrewarded for achieving outstanding work performance, and the workplace culture is at an all-time low.On hearing this Andrew informs Alison that the challenge has been set and that it is obvious that further coaching andpossible on the job training will be required. He informs her that he plans on conducting performance appraisals andadditional formal counselling sessions with all staff.Andrew spends his first day meeting and introducing himself to his new team and indicates to them that he will beexpecting them to attend a staff meeting at the end of the week.Part B- Preparation for meeting reportAnalyse the case study and the identified re-occurring issues described in Part A.In preparation for his meeting with all hospitality staff members at the Sheraton Grande Mirage, Andrew is asking foryour assistance. In a 500-word report provide valuable information (addressing the key concerns below) that will assistAndrew in monitoring staff performance and help him provide his new team with guidance, support, and recognition of ajob well done.• Sheraton Grande Mirage Resort is a five-star establishment. What would be the expected industry standard?• Communicating to a new team can be difficult, describe four (4) appropriate communication strategies that Andrewcould use during the meeting.• Analysing the re-occurring issues what could be some guidance that Andrew could offer in his role as Food andBeverage Operations Manager?• With low staff morale and a lack of workplace culture, what can Andrew do to support his new team and enhance theirwork performance?• The hospitality team at the resort have not celebrated team or individual achievements for some time. Andrew wants toprovide initiatives around recognition of a job well done. What could be three (3) workplace team initiatives that couldboost team morale and address some of the issues identified?• Andrew has realised that in his new position he will need to monitor the ongoing performance of all team members anddepartmental managers. How will he do this?Part C- Staff performance appraisalsThe information in the report that you provided Andrew was a great help and Andrew believes that his introduction tothe resort and the staff meeting went well. He ensured the team that the meeting was a safe environment and that staffshould feel free to speak their minds and express any concerns they have about their workplace.Andrew also informed the team that he is planning on conducting one-on-one formal counselling sessions with each staffmember over the following months, which he hopes will provide valuable information that will not only benefit theindividual, but the team and ultimately his role has Food and Beverage Operations Manager.The one-on-one sessions will assist Andrew in identifying the need for further coaching and possible on the job training.Not only this but it will be a great way to get to know each team member. The first three (3) staff that Andrew conducteda one-on-one session with were Sally from Housekeeping, Norman from the Culinary Department and Rachel from thecocktail lounge.Analyse the information obtained by Andrew and complete a staff performance review for each staff member. A resorttemplate has been provided to assist.Make sure that you submit three (3) performance reviews in total. Part DNow that you have assisted Andrew with information to assist his meeting and provided appraisal for three (3) staff.Finally, as a reflection of this you will need to provide a synopsis of no less than 200 words outlining the following:1. Explain the procedures for conducting a performance appraisal2. Explain the procedures for conducting formal counselling sessions3. Describe Four (4) performance appraisal and counselling documents that are used to monitor staff performance4. Explain the benefits of monitoring staff performance.Submission status Attempt numberThis is attempt 1 ( 5 attempts allowed ). 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