NRSG371 Building Healthy Communities

Question 1 (LO1, LO2)- Discuss the health impact in the Australian population of the National Health Priority Area of Asthma and outline why Asthma became a National Health Priority Area. Question 2 (LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4)- Identify a public health intervention in Australia that seeks to improve a National Health Priority Area (NHPA) related to Cancer. You must highlight the role of the nurse and describe how the Ottawa Charter applies to your chosen intervention.  a Question 3 (LO2, LO5) – Describe at least 3 functions the World Health Organisation (WHO) provides toward the provision of universal health care, public health and education. Your answer must include professional language, for example advocacy, that demonstrates an understanding of the concepts that have been explored throughout this unit.a
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