NUR1299 Foundation of Nursing Practice

Life expectancy for older Australians is increasing due to advances in nutrition, healthcare and medications. Increasing longevity, however, can lead to a gradual decline in physical and mental capacity and growing risk of disease, with many health conditions, and associated impairments associated with ageing. Nursing care for the older person must include consideration of these impairments, particularly when patient safety is compromised.

Select ONE (1) of the patient scenarios below. You are required to write an essay discussing the implications of nursing care for your chosen patient.

Scenario 1.

Mrs. Gladys White is a 75 year old woman who has recently been admitted to a residential aged care facility with Parkinson’s disease as she is no longer able to care for herself at home.  

Scenario 2.

Mr. Joseph Lewis, is a 92 year old, who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis many years ago. Mr. Smith also suffers from visual impairment requiring glasses. He has been a resident in a residential aged care facility since his wife passed away and he was no longer able to care for himself at home.

In your assignment:

  1. Explain how the patient’s condition affects their ability to safely perform their activities of daily living in the residential aged care environment.
  2. Consider the implications for patient safety that should be considered in the development of nursing care plans for your selected patient (consider basic, patient centred nursing care and communication requirements)
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