NURBN2021 Primary Health-understanding and evidence


This section will demonstrate your critical analysis of all the statistical data and community profile information collated from research conducted during NURBN1004. You will need to show understanding and evidence of WHY the particular health issue exists in YOUR community and WHO might be vulnerable? You will also need to look at the positive aspects of your community and how they might be useful when developing a program to drive change. Your decisions and interventions must be based on facts and rationale. Therefore, you must demonstrate (and support with evidence), WHY your program need is needed and WHO is it going to help? Remember to utilise information from LGA health & Wellbeing Plans and Priority areas of Local, State or Federal governments in addition to your own findings.

The following questions are to be answered in relation to YOUR program and community:

1. What evidence do you have from your community to specify the health issue and focus population for this program? (What data tells you there is a problem here? Who is at risk?)

2. What social, environmental and behavioural determinants of health are contributing to this health issue? How? (What is CAUSING this issue? Why?)

3. Are there any existing programs/policies etc., already addressing this issue in this community? If so, what are they and are they being effective? (What is already being done? What gaps are there?)

4. What resources, assets or strengths does your community have? (What can you use from WITHIN YOUR COMMUNITY to help support your program?) 

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