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SITXHRM006 Assessment 2 – Recognise and ResolvePerformance ProblemsIn this assessment you will be required to:Field Trip- Mystery ShopperIn this assessment you have been employed by a local coaching company as a “Mystery Shoppers”. You and one of yourcolleagues will undertake this assessment. You are both required to investigate performance problems either in your ownworkplace or in a workplace that you are familiar with. If you don’t have a workplace you will need to visit a café orrestaurant of your choice. You will act professionally at all time. Do not be obvious. It could be a matter of just ordering acoffee and sitting in a quiet part of the café, playing on your iPhone, but observing your surroundings.Written reportPart 1• Identify and document at least three (3) performance problems• Recognise and document at least three (3) outstanding performance attributesPart 2• Discuss and agree on possible solutions with your colleague and record your findings.Part 3• Explain how you will use this feedback and coaching to address performance problems• Describe the guidance that you will provide to improve standard of performance• Describe the feedback, coaching and counselling you will provide the team memberPart 4• Research and use appropriate templates to conduct a formal counselling session addressing performance issues• Research and use performance appraisal templates to document a staff appraisal that addressed performance problemsPart 5-Training session• Develop a training session for the staff member that provides support and guidance on performance issues identified.Dashboard ► My courses ► Hospitality ► SIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality Management ► SIT50416 – 2021 ►SITXHRM006 Monitor Staff Performance ► Assessments ► SITXHRM006 Assessment 2 – Recognise and Resolve Pe…• Develop a Performance Improvement Plan that address the performance problems in part 1.• As part of the presentation provide follow-up outcomes of informal counselling• Discuss how you will review these outcomes in the staff members workplace.You are to submit your report as outlined above.Submission status Attempt numberThis is attempt 1 ( 5 attempts allowed ).Submission statusNo attemptGrading statusNot gradedLast modified–Submission commentsComments (0) ADD SUBMISSIONYou have not made a submission yetNAVIGATIONDashboardSite homeSite pagesMy coursesHospitalitySIT50416 – Diploma of Hospitality ManagementSIT50416 – 2021SITXHRM004 Recruit, Select and Induct StaffSITXHRM006 Monitor Staff PerformanceParticipantsCompetenciesGradesGeneralZoom recoding’s 2021Learner ResourcesLearner VideosOnline Lecture Recordings 2020Zoom Class Recordings 2020AssessmentsSITXHRM006 Assessment 1 – Monitor Staff Performan…SITXHRM006 Assessment 2 – Recognise and Resolve Pe…SITXHRM006 Assessment 3 – Implement Performance Ma…Written AssessmentEvidence SubmissionSIT60316 – Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management© Copyright VIT (Victorian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd) 2019-2020Victorian Institute of Technology Pty Ltd. City Campus Address: Level 14, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000AustraliaPhone: (61) 1300 17 17 55 Email: [email protected] RTO No: 20829 CRICOS Provider No: 02044E ABN: 41 085 128 525You are logged in as shehan mihidukulasuriya (Log out)SITXHRM006-2021Moodle 3.5.12 (Build: 20200704)


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